Would Richard the Lion-Hearted Apologize?

I was so moved by the last issue of THE TRUTH (Autumn 99) that I'm writing to express my appreciation. I especially liked the leadoff item in the Twilight Zone on this preposterous business of Catholics apologizing for things that happened centuries ago. You can only apologize for what YOU have done, not for the supposed misdeeds of another. It's like going to confession for someone else and repenting his sins. (We'd all like to do that; it would be so much easier, wouldn't it?)

I am morally certain if you asked Richard the LionHearted and his barons if they would apologize for the Crusades, they (if they didn't run you through with their swords) would answer along the lines of, "Hell, no!" probably something a lot stronger. The handwringers would do better to spend their efforts encouraging those responsible for the present Jihad against the Orthodox Catholic Faith to repent. That is, the ongoing warfare these past thirty years conducted by defectors in place (dissidents) to destroy it. They've been allowed to do this by weak, cowardly, incompetent bishops many of whom are still alive and fully able to apologize and repent for what they have done and what they have failed to do. An apology like that would actually mean something and have a real effect.

Joseph P. Wall    
Philadelphia, PA

According to Catholic World News, Pagans in Action, a coalition of pagan groups, has called on the Church to apologize for "attacks on their spiritual ancestors. " They accuse the Church of `forcing pagans to convert, desecrating their sacred sites and collaborating... to persecute and execute pagans during the Inquisition. " Hmm...Maybe God should apologise for telling the Israelites to destroy the altars to Baal and for Jesus calling the Pharisees "whited sepulchres. " Think of the damage to their self-esteem. The next demand will be monetary reparation so pagans et al can go into psychotherapy. It's expensive after all! Ed

Autumn Issue a Masterpiece Reader Says

Keep up the good work! I love every issue. Your autumn '99 one is a masterpiece. I'm telling all my friends to subscribe! God bless you all.

Cynthia Pretko
Ardmore, PA

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