THE RENOVATION MANIPULATION The Church Renovation Handbook by Michael Rose

Mike Rose, a 30-year-old father, architect, and publisher has written an easy to read fight manual for Catholics sick of the destruction of our churches. Chapter 1 outlines the typical process used to manipulate parishioners into supporting major projects that turn beautiful, richly adorned, often-historical old churches into Protestant worship spaces. Much of the ruin has occurred under the "authority" of Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, a 1978 document of the U. S. bishops' Liturgy Committee, which never had standing and was never approved by the bishops.

Rose provides historical background and detailed information about the use of LDCs [Liturgical Design Consultants] like Richard Vosko who have made careers out of destroying churches and charging big bucks to do it. He outlines their strategy and the "lines" used to ridicule and manipulate the congregation into going along with the plan.

But the book's true value lies in the ammunition provided for fighting back. In an easy to read format, Rose formulates hypothetical statements by the LDC designed to silence disagreement. He provides wellinformed responses. Issues like placement of the tabernacle, removal of statues, immersion pools for baptism, movable chairs replacing pews, elimination of stained glass windows, etc. are all addressed here.

The Appendices also are a gold mine including a list of reliable architects and documents for further study. Since publication of the book, Rose has also started an e-mail loop [church-renovationsLaegroups.com] so those fighting renovations can draw encouragement and advice from one another. We heartily recommend both the book and the e-mail loop. The book is available for $12.95 + $2.95 shipping from Aquinas Publishing Ltd. PO Box 11260, Cincinnati, OH 45211.

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