November 4, 2004

For immediate release:

Arlen Spector MUST NOT become Chairman of the Judiciary Committee!

The euphoria we felt Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was cut short by the outrageous remarks made by newly reelected Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter at his press conference on Wednesday. Specter warned President Bush "to be mindful of the considerations which I am mentioning." The "considerations" Specter mentioned were that "Bush's conservative judicial picks" would not be confirmed.

Specter is in line to become the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January. As Chairman he would largely control the confirmation process for the President's judicial nominees. Specter voted against the confirmation of Judge Bork and the impeachment of President Clinton. He is supported by NARAL. He must not become the next Chairman.

Before January Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will pick the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Specter has the seniority that would normally entitle him to be named the Chairman. But, Senator Bill Frist has the power the waive the Senate Rules and appoint someone else as Chairman. Arlen Specter MUST NOT become the Chairman and be in a position to negate all that has been accomplished in the election of President Bush.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their Country.

The time to act is NOW!

+Rene Henry Gracida, DD Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

Action Items:

  • Send a message to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist by telephone (202-22-3344), email (, mail (461 Dirksen Senate Office Building / Wahington, DC 20510) or FAX (202-228-1264) along the following lines:

    Senator Arlen Specter must not be appointed Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. You have the power to waive the Senate seniority rule and to appoint someone else. Do not let the election victory of President Bush be endangered by the appointment of Senator Specter who has already warned the President not to appoint conservative judges.
  • If you have a Republican senator call and write asking him to BLOCK Arlen Specter fas Judiciary Committee chairman. If you don't have contact information for your senator go to Please don't delay. Send a message that the voters who put George Bush in the White House for a second term want moral, constitutional judges on the Supreme Court. That can't happen if Arlen Specter is Chairman.

  • Senate Republicans can caucus on whether Arlen Specter becomes Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee as early as next week so this is extremely time sensitive. Since the members of the Judiciary Committee are the ones who will be voting on this matter, they should be contacted ASAP.

    Here are the numbers for Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee:

    Senator Orrin Hatch (202) 224-5251
    Senator Charles Grassley (202)224.3744
    Senator Kyl (202) 224-4521
    Senator Mike DeWine (202) 224-2315
    Senator Sessions (202) 224-4124
    Senator Graham (202) 224-5972
    Senator Craig 202/224-2752
    Senator Chambliss (202) 224-3521
    Senator Cornyn 202-224-2934
  • Also, call the Senate Switchboard at 202.224.3121 to leave a message for the newly elected Republican senators.

    All you have to say is: "Senator Specter has disqualified himself from the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. Please do all you can to make sure he is not in that influential position."