Salt for their Wounds St. Luke Institute & Fr. Rosetti

One of the problems with the bishops is the "experts" on whom they rely. This month in the Diocese of Arlington, Bishop Paul Loverde is bringing in Fr. Steve Rosetti, head of the St. Luke Institute, to conduct a MANDATORY workshop for priests. While the article below was written in 1997 there is little indication that things at St. Luke have changed. Recently a priest (who was sent to St. Luke for evaluation) told me about another test they do which involves stretching all the orifices of the body. I will not be any more explicit than that. No sensible Catholic needs any more description to call it an abomination.

But consider also this excerpt from a 2002 article in the Baltimore Sun.,0,7762037.story

"When priests arrive at St. Luke, their initial evaluations include a battery of psychological, personality and intelligence tests. They also typically undergo CAT scans of the brain and are attached to a device designed to measure arousal in men when they are shown pornographic photographs.

"That device, called a penile plethysmograph, is one of the most controversial parts of St. Luke's approach, and some priests subjected to it call the experience humiliating.

"Dr. Fred S. Berlin, founder of the Baltimore-based National Institute for the Study, Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Trauma, said the arousal measurements, as well as sometimes confrontational counseling sessions, are important components of the program.

"'The idea is not for these guys in treatment to be comfortable,' said Berlin, who worked with St. Luke as it began its sexual offender program in the early 1980s."

Fred Berlin is a proponent of Kinsey's discredited sexual theories and another "expert" upon whom the bishops have relied. With the exception of a few orthodox bishops and dioceses, these are the kinds of psychologists who have the ears of our shepherds --- which is one reason that Dr. Judith Reisman has suggested the bishops sue their advisors for malpractice.

We urge Arlington Catholics to protest to Bishop Loverde about his plan to expose our clergy to Fr. Steve Rosetti and the homosexual propaganda of St. Luke Institute. They are the likely source of the ridiculous statement made recently by our Victim Assistance Coordinator that the sex abuse scandal wasn't about homosexuality, that the abusers weren't homosexual and that "children are safer with homosexuals than heterosexuals."

I heard that same nonsense spouted by former St. Luke head Fr. Canice Connors when I attended the child abuse seminar back in the 80s. He was introduced by Fr. Rippy and proceeded to tell the hundreds of us gathered in O'Connell High School's Theatre that heterosexuals, not homosexuals, were abusers. I knew at the time he was presenting a false picture -- that the NUMBER of heterosexual abuse cases was greater, but that homosexuals commit a much higher PERCENTAGE of the crimes. In fact, homosexuals commit about 37% of sexual abuse cases while representing only about 2% of the population. So clearly, they are a much greater threat to children. But those meetings offered no opportunity for questions or challenge. You can contact Bishop Loverde at 200 N. Glebe Rd. Arlington, VA 22203, Phone (703) 841-2516, FAX (703) 524-5028. If you do and get a response please forward it to me.

Mary Ann Kreitzer
Les Femmes

Salt for Their Wounds, by Leslie Payne — Too many troubled Catholic priests are being assigned to "treatment centers" where unlicensed psychologists encourage them to flout Church teaching. Worse, they are denied an opportunity for genuine help with their emotional problems.