August 31, 2008

Does Morality Still Matter?

Dear Friends:

The red states and counties in the 2004 election sent a strong message that morality still matters in the heartland when they rejected John Kerry and the Democratic party.  Apparently, however,  it wasn’t enough to teach the “evil” party (so labeled by columnist Joe Sobran) a lesson, Barrack Obama’s vice presidential pick, Senator Joe Biden, confirms the pro-abortion extremism of the Democrats. Choosing a pro-abortion Catholic as a running mate, Obama sent a clear message not only to real Catholics, but evangelical Christians, fundamentalists, orthodox Jews, and all people whose moral compass points to true north: “There is no room for you in our party.”  The tent is filled to capacity with abortionists, gay activists, radical feminists, the Hollywood elite, pornographers, anti-Christian bigots, apostate Catholics, and moral relativists. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency, is not only a pro-abortion Catholic, but one who spins the faith to match her "moral" convictions. The woman who says her parents didn't raise her to be speaker, but to be holy  demonstrated her ignorance of Catholic teaching when she claimed the Church only condemned abortion in the last fifty years. Several bishops and Catholic members of Congress called her bluff.  Is she ignorant, stupid, or a liar?

The Democrats claim to have a party that welcomes moral voters. To prove it, they featured (as convention window dressing) Robert Casey Junior, son of the popular pro-life Pennsylvania governor who was dissed by Bill Clinton at the 1992 convention.  In his speech, Casey spoke not one word about the life issues. Was that a condition for his moment in the convention spotlights? Anyone with ears knows the voices of death in the Democratic party drown out those who oppose the agenda of radical organizations like NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay political group. Regardless of the sentiments of the majority of Americans who oppose late-term abortion and same-sex marriage, the Democrats champion not only gay marriage and the murder of the unborn through all nine months of pregnancy, but even infanticide. Obama’s firm opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act raised the party to a new level of atrocity – premeditated infanticide of children who survive abortion. Dropping them in baskets of soiled linens in hospital utility rooms until they die is perfectly fine with Barrack and apparently with the party that chose him. The only questions remaining are whether the country is as degenerate as the Democratic ticket or whether Obama’s charisma, Biden’s long-winded pontificating, and glitzy superbowl-type spectacles can fool enough people to win the election.

Obama makes no bones about supporting Planned Parenthood and the right to kill the unborn, going so far as to call pregnancy a “punishment.” Biden, on the other hand claims to accept Catholic doctrine that life begins at conception, a baffling statement in view of his votes. He “strongly supports” Roe v. Wade, favors cannibalizing human embryos for their stem cells, wants judges who support “privacy” (the foundation of Roe), opposes parental notification before an abortion and no laws stopping sex predators from taking minors across state lines to eliminate the evidence of their crimes. He supports contraceptive sex ed and the morning after pill, voted no on continuing the abortion ban at military installations, and voted against banning human cloning. Biden’s positions are so extreme, only Obama can make him look like a moderate.

The liberal Christian left represented by people like Jim Wallis of Sojourners and Robert Edgar of the National Council of Churches, are trying to convince Christians that life issues aren’t that important. Social justice (excluding justice for the unborn) trumps like itself. That means supporting candidates who will use the draconian taxing authority of the federal government to rob the strapped middle class to finance government socialism. They call it “taxing the rich,” but there simply aren’t enough rich people in the entire country to rake in the trillions needed to pay for their welfare state.

The country is in serious trouble and no political party will save it. Our only hope is a return to the God whose name was invoked so often by our Founding Fathers when they established the republic. But in the meantime, the party that rejects God so resoundingly by endorsing the murder of His “least ones” must be rebuked once again by the red states and counties that rejected John Kerry so overwhelmingly in 2004. We can only pray that there are enough people in the country who still believe that morality matters. 

Mary Ann Kreitzer

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