October 22, 2009

Join the CCHD Boycott

Dear Friends:

The Catholic Media Collection (CMC) has posted a two-minute video on YouTube warning Catholics about supporting the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. This scandalous collection has poured millions of dollars into liberal groups over the past thirty years while telling people in the pews the money goes to help "the poor." Some of it does. So what? Would you drink a glass of water that was one third sewage? The CCHD collection verges on fraud!

The only reason CCHD stopped funding ACORN was because of embezzlement by one of the board members. The bishops didn't address ACORN's horrible agenda which has been all too obvious in recent months. The pretense that ending funding to ACORN has eliminated the scandal is ridiculous when you consider that many of the other community organizing groups receiving money operate exactly like ACORN does and are engageing in the same type of liberal lobbying.

Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) receives 15-17% of the collections. Its affiliates bus people to meetings to pressure politiicans to make the "right" liberal choice. Fr. Tuck Grinnell here in the Arlington Diocese provided 5 or 6 buses for one IAF VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement). meeting. One of their big issues is immigration reform. While their website talks about improving processing time for "legal" immigrants, Fr. Grinnell is using VOICE to advocate for "comprehensive immigration reform" and sponsored a forum featuring pro-abortion Catholic Jim Moran who favors blanket amnesty for illegal aliens as well as in-state tuition and other goodies. VOICE received $40,000 in the 2009 CCHD grant cycle.

Please pass this video on to your Catholic friends. If they want more information send them to the CMC website which has numerous articles on CCHD. They can also visit SperoForum and google Stephanie Block. This disgrace has gone on long enough. Many parishes are running in the red. Why are millions being funneled to secular groups that often have an agenda diametrically opposed to the Church?

Mary Ann Kreitzer


"The first law of history is not to dare to utter falsehood; the second, not to fear to speak the truth." Pope Leo XIII

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