February 4, 2005
Terri Schiavo and Other Action Items

We continue to follow the Terri Schiavo case closely. The Empire Journal in a tour de force of investigative journalism has posted several articles pointing to fraud in the Florida Department of Health and in George Greer's Florida courtroom. They are calling for grand jury and RICO investigations of all the abuses and scandals surrounding the case. Read more at the url below and take action by contacting one or more of those listed on the right side of the page: the governor, attorney general, and others. Please say a prayer, then call or write at least one of these contacts. Do it for Terri and for every vulnerable person threatened by the culture of death.

Also visit www.terrisfight.org to read the letter from the Schindlers' lawyers offering Michael everything if he will release her to her parents' guardianship. Lifesite news has an interview with Terri's dad at www.lifenews.com/bio670.html. Pray for this on-going hostage crisis.

Good news on the La Quinta/Tiller connection. Thanks to thousands of pro-lifers around the country La Quinta Inn sent an investigative team to Wichita, KS and have ordered the Wichita La Quinta to completely sever their ties with George Tiller's infamous late term abortion mill. The hotel was allowing Tiller to rent rooms and staff them with nurses montioring patients and administering medication. La Quinta also notified Tiller he may not use the La Quinta name in any of his brochures or on his website. Please send La Quinta your thanks. Contact Teresa Ferguson, La Quinta Inn Guest Relations at (214) 492-6600 or e-mail Teresa.Ferguson@laquinta.com. For more on this story go to: www.operationrescue.org/archives/000162.shtml

The Pope's illness and hospitalization is leading to calls for his retirement and speculation that a mandatory retirement age of 80 will be discussed for future popes. Read more at: www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-1468211,00.html
Pray for our Holy Father and for our poor suffering Church.

May Rainbow Sash activists receive Communion? NO! Archbishop Flynn recently mischaracterized a conversation with Francis Cardinal Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship implying that the Cardinal left it up to the bishops on whether to give Communion to Rainbow Sash activists. In response to a letter from Barbara Kralis, the Cardinal's secretary, Msgr. Quinones, wrote, "Rainbow Sash wearers, the cardinal says, are showing opposition to Church teaching on a major issue of natural law and disqualify themselves from being given Holy Communion." How did Archbishop Flynn respond? He issued a press release throwing more dust into the eyes of the faithful by saying, "His Eminence did not in fact suggest an immediate change....However, he did clearly indicate that this situation merits further study." He then blamed the messenger by describing people who "wished to create controversy." Please write to the bishop and explain that there is no controversy...rainbow sash activists "disqualify themselves from being given Holy Communion." It is the scandalous behavior of bishops that is "creating controversy." Contact Archbishop Harry Flynn. Assure him of your prayers and exhort him to do the right thing.

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis,
226 Summit Avenue,
Saint Paul, MN 55102,
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