Whereas the fullness of truth resides in the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ through the apostles and promulgated by the Pope and the Magisterium in union with him;

And Whereas the message of prayer, penance, and reparation given by the Blessed Mother to the children of Fatima challenges us to personal holiness;

And Whereas the seal of confirmation makes us soldiers of Christ called to continue the apostolic tradition of defending and spreading the faith even to the point of sacrifice and martyrdom;

And Whereas God has ordained the institution of marriage between a man and woman as a permanent, lifelong commitment for the dual purpose of loving and cherishing one another and co-creating children who are protected and nurtured in a loving family;

And Whereas fatherhood is essential to both the spiritual and physical health of the family and the development of children's faith;

And Whereas contraception, sterilization, and abortion assault the nature of men and women reducing them to mutual sex objects which contributes to promiscuity and fornication among the unmarried and infidelity and divorce among the married;

And Whereas chemical contraceptives, intrauterine devices, and abortion represent serious health hazards to women increasing their risk of cancer, heart disease, strokes, pelvic inflammatory disease, sterility, and death;

And Whereas contraception, in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, and abortion destroy the dignity of children making them doll objects to be sought after or destroyed at will;

And Whereas classroom sex education usurps parents' authority and treats children like hormone-driven animals incapable of moral responsibility or self-control, robbing them of innocence and virtue;


To Encouraging its members to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of personal holiness through living the sacramental life of the Church and the message of Fatima;

To Defending and upholding the faith when it is attacked by those either within or outside the Church in fidelity to our confirmation promise to be soldiers of Christ;

To Affirming the complementarity, not artificial uniformity, of the sexes;

To Working for the restoration of the institution of marriage and the family affirming the essential and complimentary roles of both mother and father;

To Encouraging fathers to embrace their responsibility as spiritual heads of the family;

To Promoting motherhood as a full-time career recognizing the unique contributions to society of nurturing and educating children in a loving home;

To Fostering the virtue of chastity, promoting Natural Family Planning, and working to eliminate the scourges of contraception, abortion, and classroom sex education;

To Fighting moral relativism in all its manifestations;

And to Shining the light of truth on organizations that are working to undermine the Catholic faith and the American family.

We take as our models Mary, the Mother of God, the perfect example of womanhood and her spiritual daughter, St. Joan of Arc. In their different and unique roles, each said "yes" to God's will. May we, as women of truth, do likewise.

Les Femmes Inc., 1216 Mill Rd. Woodstock, VA 22664.