Persecuted Priests

The persecution of good priests is an on-going scandal to the Church in the United States. What the pro-abortionists and homosexual activists couldn't do, the Lavendar Mafia running various chanceries is accomplishing.

If things don't change we will find ourselves with a higher and higher percentage of homosexual clerics running what's left of our disintegrating Church in the U.S. As Fr. Hardon said so often, the Lord promised the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. He never promised the Church would survive in a particular country or diocese. Fr. Hardon predicted that entire dioceses would disappear in the U.S. He also said only a handful of bishops were entirely faithful (six) and only about 60 others were "mostly" faithful. I would like to think the situation has improved since 2000 but with many bishops indicating they will continue to ordain homosexuals despite the new Vatican document can anyone be very optimistic?


Father Haley

Father Mike leaves St. John's and the priesthood ~ August 31, 2006 – The Rev. Michael Madden, the man who was responsible for hiring the private investigator that revealed financial improprieties by the church’s pastor, the Rev. Michael Jude Fay, announced Tuesday that he is leaving St. John Parish and the priesthood.

Texas Priest Speaks Out ~ September 1, 2006 – Fr. James Farfaglia

Father Robert Altier ~ At the age of 45, Father Altier has served 17 years in the priesthood, 14 of those as Assistant Pastor at the world-renowned Church of Saint Agnes, and now Archbishop Flynn has decided it is just and proper to relegate him to a nursing home. Sign the petition in support of Fr. Altier.

Baca and the Bear: The Dark Side of the Fresno Diocese ~ Father Joe Baca’s path to ordination was difficult. Three times a seminarian at St. John’s in Camarillo, Baca was three times shown the door for his “rigidness.”

The Damaging Culture of Silence ~ In this essay Father Jerry Pokorsky argues that the scandal shaking the American Church will be solved not by policies and procedures, but by honest confrontation, frank disclosure, and the restoration of true Catholic teachings and practices.

'Another casualty of the lavender mafia' ~ Mary Ann Kreitzer sent out the following (slightly edited) e-letter regarding the resignation from the priesthood of Father John Nesbella (Article on Matt Abbott's Renew America column).

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