St. Joan of Arc


Les Femmes acknowledges the example of this great saint of God who showed through fighting an earthly enemy how we are to fight as soldiers of Christ. She is an especially fitting model for today because she suffered persecution from those within the Church whose politics and intrigues belong to the kingdom of this world rather than the kingdom of God.

Some members of the hierarchy today resemble Bishop Pierre Cauchon who conspired to discredit and ultimately execute the innocent girl. Like Cauchon they defame the faithful while promoting dissenters and heretics. Cauchon's spirit lives on in them to their shame.

Let us pray that St. Joan's spirit will also live on — in all those who desire to be true disciples of the Lord. At her unjust trial St. Joan spoke the truth with courage following the instruction of her voices to "answer them boldly." May we do likewise when we face the enemies of our Blessed Lord even if it means suffering and persecution.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.

(The image above came from the excellent website Saint Joan of Arc Center)

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Joan of Arc
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