Creating A Truly Safe Environment for Children in the Heart of Holy Mother Church

The Arlington diocese and other dioceses around the country are introducing so-called "safe environment" programs that include classroom "touching" programs for very young children. These programs present graphic sexual material both visual and verbal that violates Church teaching on the inviolability of the latency period. We encourage parents and others to research and fight the implementation of such programs in their dioceses and to work for authentic catechesis in the faith at both the adult and child level. Les Femmes joins with our Holy Father in the desire to create a culture of life which begins in the domestic church of the family. The safest environment is an intact Catholic family modeled on the Holy Family at Nazareth. Let us provide the family with support by fostering authentic Catholic faith and culture.

Abusing God’s Children
by Thomas Augustine (Excellent article with lots of links to other good material.)

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