Correspondence about the Touching
Program in Arlington Diocese

6/20/05 Cover letter to Bishop Paul Loverde accompanying appeal to Vatican on mandatory fingerprinting

6/16/05 Appeal to Vatican Congregation for the Clergy on Mandatory Fingerprinting Policy in the Diocese of Arlington.

4/29/04 Letter to Victim Assistance Coordinator questioning her statement that "children are safer with homosexuals than with heterosexuals."

4/29/04 Letter to Bishop Paul S. Loverde asking diocesan policy on homosexuals

4/29/04 Letter to Apostolic Nuncio asking for protection for our children from classroom touching programs

Correspondence about the
Touching Program in other dioceses

8/4/05 Holy Family Society letter to Bishop Gerald Kicanas, Diocese of Tucson and Bishop William Skylstad, President USCCB.

8/4/05 PDF file for the attachments to the above letter which show how evil this program is. (Scroll down to about page 20)

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