Les Femmes


 1. Life Dynamics of Denton, TX warns pro-lifers not to order designer bank checks from LifeChecks. You thought those little feet meant they’re pro-life? Not so! Custom Direct LLC, the owner also does checks for Planned Parenthood, NOW, etc. and gives them large contributions to boot – over $500,000 to liberal groups. If you recently ordered checks, cancel. Tell them what you think of their double-dealing at http://www.lifechecks.com/service/contactus.aspx

2. Did you refuse to be fingerprinted or agree to it under duress? we would like to add your name to our database. Did you write in protest to your pastor, the bishop, or Rome? Please send copies of your letters. Mail to Les Femmes 1216 Mill Rd. Woodstock, VA 22664 or e-mail kreitzr1@shentel.net.

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