Les Femmes Website Earns Kudos from Idaho Fan

I am a strong orthodox Catholic. My wife and I love your site. You are to be commended for speaking up for true Catholicism.
Keith Hoene
Garden Valley, Idaho

We appreciate the praise and invite readers to visit us online at www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org. Les Femmes recently earned a green light for fidelity from www.CatholicCulture.org.

Reader’s Suggestion Inspires Twilight Zone Entry

Why don't you suggest that Michael Jackson replace you as a 4th grade CCD teacher? After his successful trial, we know that all his paperwork is in order and he is as clean as a hound's tooth. I'm sure he'd survive fingerprinting and a criminal background check, too. How does it feel to be a human shield for priests and bishops?
Name withheld
Received via e-mail

Is Solving the Homosexual Problem a Lost Cause?

I think the American Catholic Church faces the same problem with homosexuality that the American South faced with slavery in 1861. It's wrong, but it's here and it's integral to the institution. Take it out, and what do you do? The American Church/South falters, the homosexuals/ slaves are homeless. You have to rebuild from the bottom up. That sounds untenable, so people avoid facing reality. But sooner or later, you're forced to confront the problem.

I look at the better bishops, good priests, and Catholic faithful and I see the South dying on the altar of "the Cause" - good, noble people struggling with a fundamental evil at their institutional core.
Judith Graham
Fairfax, VA

Bishop “Came Out” for Civil Unions in California

The reason bishops don’t protect us from sexual deviates is they are too busy promoting them and giving them their own parishes. Rampant homosexual behavior was tolerated in seminaries. Now these guys are in powerful positions (i.e. bishops). Our own bishop came out publicly in favor of civil unions claiming not to allow them is discriminatory. [In 2000] he asked Catholics in his diocese to reject Proposition 22. The legislature, supported by Catholics-in-name-only, continues to try and undo the people of California who successfully voted to protect true marriage.

The local parochial school has two queer men, guardians to young boys (whom they legally adopted). They are not only listed as “parents” in the school directory, but work alone with small groups of Kindergarteners. Do you see a problem here? The pastor objected to their waltzing around campus together and wrote a policy prohibiting it. The response: feminist/nun (31 years as principal) threatened to quit because he was not being “nice.” So the bishop did what? Demoted the pastor and brought in someone less “divisive.”

Please pray for these dysfunctional bishops and priests. St. John Vianney, pray for all parish priests but especially for our bishops. A Catholic in California

During the debate over Prop. 22 Bishop Tod Brown sent his priests an article by Fr. Gerald Coleman supporting “committed” civil unions. Will fingerprinting protect families from this spiritual abuse? — Editor

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