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Dear Readers,

One of the saddest stories in the Bible is the healing of the ten lepers. Ten despised members of the community come to Jesus and request his help. They were the untouchables of their time – shunned by all. What a depth of despair must have accompanied the diagnosis of leprosy. But Jesus is moved to pity and immediately responds to their plea. “Wash and show yourselves to the priests.” Imagine the rejoicing in ten households when those who were “dead” to their families returned healed!

So why is this story “sad?” Because it is not essentially about healing, but about ingratitude. There is something so poignant about Jesus asking the one cured man who returns, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?” Ingratitude cuts to the heart, inflicts deep and painful wounds. I see it at a local nursing home I visit every week. Some residents have children and grandchildren nearby whom they rarely see. Their loved ones are too busy. Mother Teresa often spoke of “poverty” in the first world, not of money, but of love. It grows out of systemic ingratitude. We take the good things in life for granted. We deserve them. People owe us! How often does that apply to our relationship with God? We groan and beg His intercession for our troubles, but fail to give thanks.

Which brings me to some necessary expressions of gratitude. First to God for the blessing of eleven years of publishing THE TRUTH. I told the Blessed Mother we would continue as long as she provided the energy and the funds. Thank you, Mary and dear St. Joan of Arc, for your patronage. Thank you also to Les Femmes’ benefactors who have supported us over the years. A special thanks to contributors to the Persecuted Priests’ Fund established through the Catholic Media Coalition which is tax exempt. To date we have banked about ten thousand dollars with an average contribution of $100.00. Your generosity will enable the fund to pay most of Fr. Clark’s current expenses for his defense against Bishop Loverde’s unjust suspension (which continues). Except for minimal mailing costs and check fees, all donations are going to priests’ assistance. As the dear Poor Clares say, “May God reward you.” We carry you in our hearts and pray for your intentions. To contribute to the fund send checks made out to Persecuted Priests’ Fund c/o Les Femmes.

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