Fr. Grinnell calls “take” on peace poles “strange”

Even though I’m no longer on your mailing list, a friend shared with me your article on our Peace Garden. Thanks for spreading the word about the garden. We hope many will enjoy it in the community.

Even though I found your “take” on the peace poles a little strange, I hope you will come back again when the trees and flowers are in bloom. Another good time to visit the garden is at night when it is all lit up. I think you will find it a wonderful place to reflect, to rest, to meditate and to pray.

As you know, we have put out many benches and chairs for people to sit and relax — seeing the trees, the fountain, the peace poles and the outside of the Church building in different perspectives.

Spread the word that all are welcome!
Fr. Tuck Grinnell
Falls Church, VA

What we find a “little strange” is a priest who promotes new age paganism, false ecumenism, and an “institute” that features modernists like Anthony Tambasco. If you want a good head-shaker by all means visit the garden. Don’t go at night, however. It’s isolated behind the Church surrounded on three sides and is likely to be put to some “strange” uses. Is your insurance up-to-date, Father? Readers, please pray for Fr. Tuck. He is a gifted priest who could bring many to a closer walk with the Lord if he applied his talents to fostering the one, true faith instead of pagan innovations and “strange” novelties. Editor

Readers send kudos for Les Femmes’ Apostolate

Thank you for your constant vigilance and prayerfulness. I love receiving your informative newsletter.
Oakton, VA

Rest assured that you and your apostolate are in my prayers. Please don’t give up the fight.
Homer Glen, IL  

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