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Father calls VIRTUS “far from infallible” 

I noticed that we are getting a number of foreign priests moving into our diocese. This raises some issues about how thorough their background checks for VIRTUS will be. Obviously, since they have just come to America, they will not have any record of wrongdoing on file here.

It just shows that, as Les Femmes have pointed out, VIRTUS is far from infallible.   A Concerned Priest

Name and diocese withheld

Kneeling for Communion Still Punished

Last February, I was refused Communion at the Cathedral here in Scranton. Although I've many times received Communion kneeling from all three bishops…a priest at the noon Mass told me to stand up. I told him, "Father, I kneel." "Get up," I was told. "I have a letter from Rome saying we can kneel," I replied. "Get up" I heard again. When I said "Please," he walked away and formed another line alongside me. At that point I didn’t know what to do, but realized I wasn't nervous in the least. So I decided to remain there and see if Father would give me Communion at the end. He didn't. He…returned to the sanctuary. I remained kneeling (in the center aisle) until Mass was over. This made the priest quite uncomfortable, as he certainly didn't expect me to do this (neither did I).Once Mass was over and I returned to my pew, I began to shake. At which point I immediately knew I was given a grace and I thanked Our Lord for it. 

I thought this type of behavior was a thing of the past, but apparently, it's still alive and kicking.  J.E.

Scranton, PA

Grateful Reader thinks Les Femmes rock!

I just got done reading your website. Les Femmes rocks! Keep on fighting relativism. Praised be Jesus Christ, Now and Forever,                                    Chris W.

St. Louis, MO

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