***Pro-Abort Catholic Sen. Dick Durbin Minority Whip, led the fight July 25th to block passage of the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 403). The law makes human trafficking of teenage girls across state lines for abortion to avoid parental consent laws a federal offense. In a procedural move designed to run out the clock before the August recess, Durbin stopped  Majority Leader Bill Frist from sending the bill (which passed by a vote of 65 to 34) to the Joint Conference Committee to work out differences between the House and Senate. Harry Reid picked up the ball on August 3rd to continue the stonewalling with backup from the democratic caucus. Despite polls showing over 80% of the country support parental consent, the pro-abortion democrats will do whatever they can to prevent passage. Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), the bill’s sponsor, who worked with Barbara Boxer (D-CA) for bipartisan agreement was particularly angry about the delay and let his colleagues know it. “During the child custody debate, we cooperated. There was an agreement between the leaders…To now block, via a parliamentary move, an important piece of legislation simply because we are at the end of a session and the other side knows we do not have the time to go through all the procedural maneuverings is outrageous.” Big losers are families whose young daughters are exploited by adult men.

***Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: What do gays want? The right just to be left alone? Think again! Gay activists are working for the total destruction of the traditional nuclear family. They want access to survivorship benefits, spousal pension plans, family health benefits, etc. Think of soaring health costs, then consider the impact of giving family benefits to the homo “couple” with their perverted lifestyle and its associated diseases: AIDS, gay bowel syndrome, shigellosis, hepatitis B, etc. Think of companies forced to give death benefits to sodomite partners of their employees. The economic ramifications are staggering. You can read their agenda at www.beyondmarriage.org. In their “new strategic vision” they call for government to legally recognize optional relationships including “committed loving households in which there is more than one conjugal partner” [including pets?] and “queer couples who decide to jointly create and raise a child with another queer person or couple, in two households.”  [Huh?… since two gay guys and two lesbian gals can’t “co-create” anything, how exactly do they do this? Maybe it’s better not to ask. Pity the poor kids!]

***Signers of the “new strategic vision” include many academics from prestigious schools: Smith, UCLA, Univ. of Chicago, Dartmouth, Berkley, Rutgers, Univ. of TX (Austin), NYU, Brown, and [surprise!] Georgetown, among others. Dissenter Mary Hunt is also a signer. [No surprise!] Any wonder our young people are losing their faith and their minds in the pursuit of higher education? [Perhaps we should call it lower education, since many Profs focus below the belt.]

***VIRTUS: will it stop parish abuse? Background checks didn’t protect parishioners of St. Joseph’s in Woods Hole and Our Lady of Lourdes in Wellfleet (Diocese of Fall River, MA) from their pastor Rev. Bernard Kelly. In 2005 Kelly was found guilty of embezzlement and tax fraud for diverting over $800,000 in parish money to his personal use. But that’s not the worst of it. Fr. Kelly engaged in a sexual relationship with Paul Nolin, a convicted sex offender who in 1982 kidnapped and raped a ten year old boy and left him naked in the woods. [That’s sex abuse all right!] Kelly met Nolin through another priest, Fr. Donald Turlick, originally from the Bridgeport Diocese. Turlick treated Nolin in prison using “satiation therapy,” i.e. having the patient commit continuous self-abuse to the theoretical point of “satiation.” [This is not a joke or a satire. But come to think of it there is a psychiatrist in P.G. Wodehouse’s Bertie and Jeeves series who treats his alcoholic and gluttonous patients the same way. Maybe Turlick got his therapy from Wodehouse. More likely Wodehouse drew his character from a real life psycho-quack. Hmm…wonder if St. Luke’s use satiation therapy.] Turlick told a Superior Court in 1995 that Nolin was cured. According to investigators Frs. Turlick and Kelly both had sexual relationships with Nolin who was released in 2000 and went to live with Turlick at his Cape Cod home. Kelly was so enamored that he made Nolin a beneficiary of his will including a 1.4 million dollar horse farm. He also gave him a job as a handyman at the Church. [Think he was fingerprinted first?] One last fact: Nolin was convicted in 2004 for bludgeoning a man to death. The night of the crime he left his car at the rectory with Kelly’s permission and used the victim’s car to dispose of the body. [Sounds like a B movie! By the way, parishioners had concerns as early as 1997 over Kelly’s lavish lifestyle and bizarre behavior. Their concerns were dismissed by auxiliary bishop George Coleman.]

***More New England madness: Fr. Michael Jude Fay pastored one of Darien Connecticut’s wealthy parishes, St. John’s. During his tenure he stole church funds to finance a lifestyle that included: a New York Apartment, a condo in Florida, fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, fine furniture, dining at expensive restaurants, tickets to Broadway shows, etc. He also

lavished gifts on friends and family especially his gay partner, Cliff Fantini (aka Cliff Martell), a wedding consultant. In 2005 they took a cruise together, requesting that a queen bed replace the twins in their cabin. Fr. Fay was so bold he frequently entertained Fantini at the parish rectory. [Did he require a background check?] The scandalous situation at St. John’s only came to light when Church bookkeeper, Beth D'Erario, and associate pastor, Fr. Michael Madden, hired an investigator and took the results to the cops. Bishop William Lori made Madden parish administrator until the young priest made some imprudent statements in a homily about his four years of “living hell” and the foot-dragging of the diocese. Subsequently he was removed and forced to apologize. What will happen to him in the future remains to be seen, but the scenario is typical: Homosexual priest engages in sodomite relationship and steals from parish to fund lifestyle. Associate pastor blows the whistle. Diocese only takes action after scandal becomes public. Retribution against the whistleblower follows. [We’ll be watching to see what happens to Fr. Madden whom we consider a hero in the matter.]

***There are many stories like these, but the point is homosexuals priests are a danger: a physical danger to adolescent boys who are a source of attraction and a spiritual danger to the faithful who are denied the fullness of the truth. Homosexuals hang out together.  Paul Nolin isn’t the first criminal abuser visiting a priest’s rectory, and it’s unlikely he’ll be the last. Other immoral behaviors common to the gay lifestyle include embezzlement, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography addiction, etc. So why doesn’t VIRTUS give the warning signs of homosexual predators? Because they are part of the “let’s pretend” homosexuality isn’t a problem. Their politically correct stand won’t protect a boy from “Father’s friend.”

***Update on Fr. Robert Altier: For this item we’re moving from the Twilight Zone to the Land of Oz where Bishop Harry Flynn’s Communications Director, Dennis McGrath, plays the wizard. Poor Mr. McG keeps trying to manipulate the bells and whistles to make Fr. Robert Altier’s persecution look like a balloon ride at the fair. [Recap: Bishop Flynn ordered Fr. Altier to remove his homilies from www.desertvoice.org and cancel his program on Relevant Radio for speaking out against VIRTUS and Talking About Touching. Two months later the bishop transferred Father to a small nursing home as assistant chaplain. The previous chaplain was later reassigned by his religious order.] McGrath lobbed the latest salvo responding to an article by Ken Fisher of Concerned Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA). Puffing up in true wizard style, [Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!] he thundered at Ken for misrepresenting the facts in a way “comparable to ‘urban myths.’” He also attacked Fr. Altier saying he “frequently and inappropriately (if not disobediently) criticized the archbishop and arch-diocesan leaders (and not simply on the VIRTUS child protection/education program).” This indictment of a good priest, all smoke, mirrors, and hot air angered local Catholics. One, Elizabeth Schwab, posted an article at SperoForum.com challenging McGrath’s “facts.” She described a February principals’ meeting where Sr. Fran Donnelly, head of the diocese’s child protection office, announced that Vicar General Fr. Kevin McDonough was “getting out a two-by-four” for priests who speak out against the (so-called) “safe environment” program. [Father was silenced shortly after that meeting.]

***Fr. Altier responds: The calm eye of the storm in all this controversy has been Fr. Altier who immediately and silently obeyed every unjust order of the bishop. But McGrath’s letter forced a reply. In a letter released to the press by CRCOA, Fr. Altier writes, “I have never, to my recollection, made public state-ments that are critical of the Archbishop and I have never been disobedient to anything he has ever asked…. We have a right and, at times, an obligation to make judgments on actions, including decisions. To criticize such actions or decisions does not constitute criticism of the person per se. I have made a promise of respect and obedience to the Archbishop and I have maintained this promise. To disagree with a decision is neither an act of disrespect for the person of the Archbishop nor is it an act of disobedience. These charges made in your letter are not only fabrications…but they constitute slander and calumny…. I am requesting that you either produce some evidence to back up your remarks or ‘strive to correct the record’ by recanting these statements.

   “Considering your position as the Director of Commu-nications for the Archdiocese, and considering that you make it clear at the beginning of your letter that you are acting in that capacity, your statements have to be taken not as personal opinion, but as the official position of the Archdiocese…. Trusting in your desire to correct the record and uphold only the highest standards of ethics and truth, I will look forward to your rectification of this unfortunate situation.”  There is a long paper trail on this case. Read more about it at www.desertvoice.org.

I will raise up for myself a faithful priest;

 he will do what is in My heart and in My mind, says the Lord.     ~ 1 Samuel 2:35

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