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Reader’s Thoughts on Homosexual Priests

I'm an adult confirmation teacher at San Segundo d'asti Catholic Church in Guasti California. I've read your article about gay priests. My thoughts are as follows:

Practicing Homosexuals are called an abomination by God. Desolation has a meaning of death or destruction. All men are called to Father; all women are called to mother. It doesn't matter whether you have your own children or no children, these are our roles. A Priest has the Church our mother for his spouse. If he is a homosexual, even if not practicing, he can not represent a father image.

I believe the abomination of desolation standing where it aught not (Matt 24: 15) is a homosexual priest offering the Holy Sacrifice of Mass in the state of mortal sin. This is an abomination and the fruits he brings forth are the destruction of many. I pray that they will be aware of this terrible sin, repent and be reconciled with the Lord. God Bless you and your wonderful work. John C. Leach , Vice President

John Paul II Society of Evangelists

Nieman Marcus Sells “Juicy” Little Girls

My friend and I went shopping in Chevy Chase at Neiman Marcus last August. My goodness, has the Children's department changed since I worked there at eighteen. Now you find soft/hard core porn for sale in mainstream "accepted" stores and on line...for kiddies as well as the big girls: tiny bikini underpants for girls with the word juicy written on the behind....yes indeed, the little girl's behind! Then an entire line of juicy couture products for sale...hot pants, tee shirts, purses, etc...all with juicy written on them in the most enticing way for all of those predators waiting out there to see.

I checked out Juicy on line. It is mainstream merchandise. Peachy Juicy is the logo. The idea of the company is from "two girls" who created this "upscale" porn phenomenon...celebs and all wear these clothes.

What is a concerned Mom to do?

G.S.  Arlington, VA

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