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No Donations for priest & bishop dissenters

Your newsletter is wonderful. I recently wrote a friend, “Wuerl is no better than McCarrick.” I am glad to learn other people feel as I do.

I think Catholics should not contribute to the church of any priest or bishop who displays his dissent to Catholic rules and regulations.

Mrs. J. K.
Fort Worth, TX

Why are we shocked when kids kill kids?   

Concerning the Virginia Tech killings, I was pressed to consider that when we live in a society that says it is okay for a mother to kill her own child by abortion, then why are we shocked when kids kill other kids? The government—local, state, and federal—says it is perfectly fine for parents to murder their own children and will back them up, with all law enforcement, to ensure that those children are killed. Talk about the cheapening of human life.If you were a young person growing up in today’s society and looked at the so-called moral compasses, what would you conclude? Anything goes. If it’s okay to kill children, anything ispermissible. Ironically, a few days after the VT killings the Supreme Court issued its ruling on partial-birth abortions and there were leading politicians---Democrats and Republicans---saying it was a terrible decision and a step back for choice, etc. And yet these same politicians were publicly bemoaning the VT killings!Morality turned upside down.

Michael Chapman
Alexandria, VA

Les Femmes’ Website Comforts Reader

I read your website with trepidation. I figured that you were going to be a site of women that did not accept the truths of our Catholic faith. I was looking to see if you were promoting female priests. I was so pleased with what I saw.

As I was perusing your sight, a few things caught my eyes that started to comfort me. The mentioning of Fr. John Hardon who is one of my favorites and will no doubt be a canonized saint one day. Your mention of Fr. Robert Altier, a faithful priest.

Your mission statement is beautiful. Please know that your organization will be in my daily prayers.

Please pray for my son who is 20 and no longer believes in God.

Maryanne via e-mail

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