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Canon Lawyer Offers Help on Motu Proprio
I am a lawyer and a student (and lecturer) of canon law. I was hoping you could help me spread some news regarding implementation of the Holy Father's latest motu proprio, Summorum pontificum.

I am excited by the possibility this new canonical legislation opens up. I would like to help groups of Catholics interested in petitioning their pastors for the celebration of the traditional Mass do so properly (canonically speaking). Doing so is crucial to make sure they retain their right to recourse if their lawful request is inappropriately denied.

Consequently, I am available to counsel and advise any group on a pro bono (no charge) basis that might be interested in doing the same at their own parish.

Please help me spread the word through your mailing list. Encourage any Catholic who might be interested in making the traditional Mass available in his parish to contact me at:

Frederico Genoese-Zerbi Via e-mail

British reader appreciates Gregorian Chant

I am glad the Holy Father has stopped the ridiculous ban on the Tridentine Rite. But there is no need to have daft music at a standard Mass, and no need to have a Tridentine Rite Mass in order to have normal Gregorian plainchant. We have a lovely standard Mass at our parish with a parish choir singing plainchant. The next parishes along, in both directions in the London suburbs where I live, have Latin Masses with good singing - plainchant, with the occasional Mozart Ave Verum or similar. It can be done and in my experience is, a lot.

Joanna Bogle via e-mail

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