Les Femmes


***San Francisco Archbishop Niederauer and Most Holy Redeemer (MHR) parish deserve the favored nomination for the year’s most bizarre performance in a Catholic Church. The video posted at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrDbgjLKoxU shows the archbishop giving communion to two transvestites in white-face and drag, members of the radical homosexual group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who play nun with mock vows and lewd names. They raise money for charity by holding perverse X-rated fundraisers. The video shows the “sisters” not only receiving Communion from the archbishop, but also being greeted by a parishioner at the after-Mass coffee who clearly says, “Thank you for being here.” One weird sister later sent a note thanking the parish for its warm welcome. Posted for a short time on the parish website, it later disappeared. [Hmm...Bad PR?]

Stories in the secular media focused primarily on the archbishop, saying he was blind-sided by the “nuns.” Bill O’Reilly on Fox News treated the bishop as a doddering old man and went after the mayor, Gavin Newsom, for letting the group “invade” the church. These stories missed the mark by a long shot. It’s clear from the video and the history of Most Holy Redeemer that it’s a GAY Catholic church, fully incorporated into the spiritual life of the archdiocese. Its parishioners are proud sodomites and sodomy proponents. Near the end of the video one sees a scene outside the church: a young man (not in drag) approaches a vested deacon who participated in the Mass (He’s standing to the immediate left of the archbishop.) and kisses him full on the lips. At MHR, perversity is accepted, approved, and FLAUNTED.

***Then there are the Jebbies at St. Agnes
The Jesuit parish in San Francisco, St. Agnes, is less flagrant on its website, but advances the gay agenda as well. A video from the June 2005/2006 gay pride parades shows St. Agnes pastor, Fr. Cameron Ayers, S.J. marching alongside a large yellow banner carried, one presumes, by parishioners. It sports the parish name and motto: “Inclusive – Diverse – Jesuit.” [Hey! They left out “Perverse.”] On the same video MHR marches with a long, white banner proclaiming its name and the message: “Your (our emphasis) parish church in the Castro for 100 years.” MHR also had a trolley bearing folks wearing yellow t-shirts proclaiming MHR and the message: “The face of the church in the 21st century.” [Jesus saw all this in the garden/ it made Him sweat blood.] It’s an invasion of the Church all right, but not the way Bill O’Reilly meant. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-5iUjcIKdg Be warned: it’s graphic.]

***But don’t they just love the sinner?
Absolutely not! These events celebrate sodomy and perversity, mortal sins. Here’s a sampling: a participant dressed as the male sex organ walks in front of a sign, “healthy p****s”, bare-breasted women abound, men in drag gyrate and pelvic thrust, a group promotes polyamory as “the next big thing.” [Huh? We had to look it up on Wikipedia.] “Leather alley” offers sadomasochist demos including bondage, flogging, etc. The most horrifying part is seeing the children. A toddler in a stroller waves the rainbow flag. A youngster riding on shoulders wears a foam Statue of Liberty crown as he’s exposed to the obscenity all around him. An adolescent is practically crushed in the crowd. (He doesn’t look happy.) There are two things the gays want: our children and our Church. Make no mistake, what’s going on here is part two of the Sexual Revolution! Many clerics in the Church helped advance Part I [Remember Charlie Curran and company?] Fr. Ayers from St. Agnes and MHR pastor Fr. Steve Meriwether along with Archbishop George Niederauer are clergy leaders in the [homo]Sexual Revolution Part II.

***The problem is bigger than you think!
Are these two parishes from a gay city isolated aberrations or are they the advance troops in the forefront of societal change? GayChurch.org is a website that lists gay-friendly churches around the world. They claim 470 Catholic parishes in the U.S., some of which are well known to Catholics fighting homosexuality in the Church. MHR, St. Agnes, and a Paulist parish, Old St. Mary’s, are the three listed in San Francisco.

Do all 470 churches named advance the gay agenda? Good question. We checked out a few. Our Lady Queen of Peace (OLQP) in Arlington made the list, deservedly so we think. A former pastor, James Healey, died of AIDS shortly after he “came out.” The parish is well known to orthodox Catholics for its dissent and homosexual-friendly attitude. (COURAGE is not one of the parish ministries.) OLQP links to other parishes in the area including St. Bernadette’s in Severn, MD another church that promotes the gay agenda. St. B’s flies the rainbow flag, sign of gay pride [as in proud to promote sodomy], on their website. They made the list along with eight other Maryland parishes. The group claims ten Catholic churches in Minneapolis including the notorious St. Joan of Arc.

One good sign on the gay church website is a statement included in their 2006 survey. Headlined Catholic rumblings, it reads, “Predicting what will happen within the Catholic community is a tougher proposition as past history has shown that the Vatican will step in and replace ‘rebellious’ priests with strong conservatives whenever a parish gets a little too friendly with the gay community. [Let’s pray this is true! Your Holiness, may we draw your attention to Archbishop Niederauer and the scandalous situation in San Francisco?] Issues such as this account for the growing number of Catholic off-shoot denominations. Currently we count nineteen different Catholic groups represented in the directory. Most of the non Roman Catholic groups accept and affirm homosexuals within their ranks. These Catholic off-shoot denominations make up the fastest growing group within the welcoming directory.” [Say a prayer of thanksgiving that some neo-protestant Catholic rebels are leaving. At least they’ll stop infecting the body. Then pray for their conversion and return.]

***What to do about the gay problem?
First of all recognize it for what it is, one of the “structures of sin” Pope John Paul II described as “rooted in personal sin and thus always linked to the concrete acts of individuals who introduce these structures, consolidate them and make them difficult to remove. And thus they grow stronger, spread, and become the source of other sins, and so influence people’s behavior.” (Sollicitudo Rei Socialis) Does that sound like the blueprint of the homosexual movement? They carefully planned and implemented the homosexualization of America. The strategy is outlined in a book written by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen: After the Ball: How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990’s. Of course most Americans don’t either hate or fear gays, but framing the debate in that way is part of the strategy. The book advocates brain-washing techniques: desensitization, jamming, and conversion to lead America to gay acceptance. It works! Polls on gay marriage, gay adoption, hate laws, etc. show a society moving inexorably toward the gay position. See How America Went Gay on our website. [Click on articles and scroll down to homosexuality.]

What’s the answer? As always, pray and fight. Back up your prayer by sacrifice and suffering. As Pope John Paul said in his apostolic letter Salvifici Doloris, “The more a person is threatened by the structures of sin, the heavier the structures of sin which today’s world brings with it, the greater is the eloquence which human suffering possesses in itself. And the more the church feels the need to have recourse to the value of human sufferings for the salvation of the world.” We must unite ourselves to the sufferings of Christ, pray and sacrifice, prepare for spiritual warfare – this is a battle against demons and principalities – and fight with courage and persistence.

***Needed: Catholic warriors to do battle!
If you can’t stop a scandal, expose it. Thanks to GayChurch.org we have a list of Catholic parishes all over the U.S. building structures of sin to promote acceptance of sodomy. If the parishes named do, in fact, work for gay pride, homosexual activism, etc. vs. offering programs like COURAGE that help those with same-sex attraction to live chaste lives, they must be exposed! It’s unfortunate when a bishop acts only because a scandal is in the morning paper (or on You Tube), but if that’s what it takes, so be it. If you can help research these parishes contact the webmaster at www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org.

***No “credible justification” for Mass?
Aging dissenter Fr. Richard McBrien, a friend of Call to Action and Voice of the Faithful, continues his career-long practice of debunking Catholic teaching and undermining the authority of the pope. When the media need a voice to contradict Rome they trot out Fr. McBrien who dusts off his Roman collar for the event and spouts sanctimonious inanities about the pope’s inability to understand this or that aspect of the American church. These days it’s McBrien who can’t understand how anyone could prefer the Tridentine Mass. The motu proprio giving wider permission for its celebration must be a mistake by his logic. “Those who attend Mass regularly,” McBrien opines, “would never prefer Mass in a language other than their own.” That some do apparently baffles him. “Liturgical scholars,” McBrien says, “have published articles which carefully pick apart the reasoning behind the papal document.” [McBrien knows all about picking apart papal documents. It’s been his life’s work. Whether he knows any real liturgical scholars is another question.]

***Morning Star, the light before dawn:
Our Lady of America
has the answer to the promiscuity of our current age. Her messages to Sr. Mary Ephrem, approved by Bishop Paul Leibold in 1963, emphasize purity and sanctification of families. Joined with the Fatima message to pray the rosary, the restoration of our culture cannot fail. Pray and fast for a revival of faith in the United States. Our Lady of America, pray for us.

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