Les Femmes




Pro-life Republican Bob Marshall is running for Senate from Virginia. Bob, a true Catholic conservative, has been fighting for the unborn for over 35 years. We need his voice in Washington! But he must win the Republican nomination first against former governor, Jim Gilmore. Gilmore is on the board of Barr Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Plan B, the morning after pill. He receives cash compensation and stock options. Barr is a major producer of chemical birth control and the copper IUD.

To beat Jim Gilmore, Bob’s supporters must sign up as delegates to the Republican Convention on May 31st in Richmond. To be a delegate you must attend the mass meeting in your area in March (dates vary by location). PLEASE: IF YOU WANT A REAL PRO-LIFE VOICE IN WASHINGTON, BECOME A DELEGATE! See www.bobmarshall2008.com Bob needs prayers, workers, and money. Please help! Bob will speak for all Americans. If you live in another state, donate for yourself, your family, and the protection of the unborn.

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