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Reader Imagines Private Papal Greeting

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (former bishop of Washington, D.C), President and Mrs. Bush, the Apostolic Nuncio, Pietro Sambi, and Archbishop Donald Wuerl (current bishop of D.C.) wait to greet the pope. Imagine the conversation as the Pope arrived:

McCarrick: Your Holiness, I'm called Cardinal Comfortable because I'm "not comfortable" criticizing pro-abortion Catholics.

Bush: Sir, I'm just a Methodist boy who can't find nucular weapons in Iraq, but I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, clearing brush, and hanging out with Texas friends like Brownie and Harriet.

Mrs. Bush: I'm with him.

Sambi: Your Holiness, don't blame me, I just got here and, to put it in your language, “es geht nicht schoen.”

Wuerl: Your Holiness, it's not "my style" to criticize Mrs. Pelosi or confront anybody and cause a scene before I get my red hat. Will that be soon?

Pray for the Church. Rev. John Smith
(real name withheld by request.)

Reid Group Founder Shills for Diversity
Do you know anything about the Reid Group? They're a consulting firm that dioceses bring in to evaluate parishes and, basically, to close down some, consolidate others, etc. I was asked to be on the team for my parish, but after my first meeting, I resigned. The head of the Reid Group was there and I sure smelled a rat. One of the handouts had the alarm bell go off when I saw the heading, "Diversity," under which was listed "sexual orientation.”
C.J. via e-mail

We checked out the website, http://thereidgroup.biz/ which raised plenty of red flags. Reid runs “missions” by laity who preach at Masses, promotes Earth Day and The Earth Charter which front for population control and gay rights, and endorses new age gurus like Deepak Chopra . This looks like one more “Catholic” dissent group infiltrating parishes to preach new age ideas to the unsuspecting. Any readers who have information about The Reid Group, please contact us. Editor

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