Les Femmes



1. Visit these websites and financially support the work of exposing the gay agenda: americansfortruth.com, afa.net, and massresistance.com. The worker is worth his wage.   These groups fight battles that bring vilification, ridicule, and persecution. Let them know you stand with them.

2.  Spiritually adopt a gay/lesbian activist and commit to praying for him/her every day. Gay events reveal the infantile nature of this perversion with its rebellion against God and all lawful authority. Intercede and atone for their blasphemy and beg God for their conversion.

3. Join the AFA McDonald’s boycott. Send an email  to mcdonalds.com/contact/contact_us.html. Let your local franchise know you are boycotting; ask them to complain to the national office about pro-gay policies.

4. Buy gas from ExxonMobil, one of the few major corporations refusing to add “gender” to their anti-discrimination policy. Say thanks at exxonmobil.com. Click on “contact us” at the upper right.

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