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“Dangerous” to Modify Church Teaching
The Catholic religion is a religion of sacrifice as well as sacrament. Read the lives of the Saints or distinguished priests and you will find a good measure of sacrifice and suffering in their lives. Contrast this with priests like Archbishop [Rembert] Weakland (blackmailed gay) who exploited the wealth of the Catholic Church to lead a comfortable life which brought irreparable harm to the Church.

We have great respect for those heterosexual priests who sacrificed marriage and families in order to adopt their congregations as their family. In contrast, the gay priest, even though he may lead a celibate life, does not sacrifice having a wife and children. On the contrary, he exploits the priesthood because it gives him a home and respect he would not otherwise have. Permitting gays into the priesthood puts all priests under a cloud.

The fact that many gay persons can be turned around indicates that the individual is not entirely a victim of genetics. We may not be doing gay persons a favor by permitting them to become priests, as witnessed by the number of gay priests who commit suicide, e.g. Msgr. William Rienecke and Fr. Keith Ramey of the Arlington Diocese, when their homosexual past was discovered.

The Catholic Church’s belief that homosexuality is a subjective disordered condition (i.e., highly neurotic) is one that has stood the test of time – steps to modify it are dangerous and destructive.     

Philip S. Adam
Berryville, VA

Reader responds to J.D from Woodbridge   
It is of great interest to me that this writer would want to excommunicate all who disagree re the right to life movement. I have never met a “pro-choice” person who advocates abortion. In fact, most abhor abortion. But even more, they abhor taking away other peoples’ rights. How dare you make yourself judge and jury re your fellow parishioners.

The Catholic Church is not about abortion. The Catholic church is about the Eucharist and when you are God, you may decide who should or should not receive Communion.

I believe there is a very famous Bible quote: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Good words to live by!                        

 M.L.  Guilford, VT

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