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***VA teachers union working for Obama
Teachers in public schools aren’t allowed to play politics in the classroom. As government-employed professionals they are required to be neutral right? But that didn’t keep the Virginia Education Association from having “Obama blue day” and encouraging teachers to wear blue shirts to show their support. A widely-circulated email from Doris Boitnott of the VEA government affairs dept. told teachers to “register two voters or talk to two people who may be on the fence/or a McCain supporter and sway them to become an Obama supporter [Fine, but what comes next isn’t.].…There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them.” [Hmm…If my teacher suggests I vote for Obama and he’s writing my college letter of recommendation am I likely to wear another candidate’s campaign button to school? Or will I bring teach an apple with the “right” button on my lapel.

***And then there’s the history teacher at Bishop O’Connell H.S. in Arlington. Dr. Joseph LeBlanc basically told kids to register and vote for Obama on the front page of the school paper. Dr. LeBlanc is known at O’Connell for his anti-Bush, pro-democratic classroom rants so his not-so-coded message was obvious. “First,” he said, this is “a watershed election… in which the direction of the country might be changed by the outcome.” [Ah change…we all know who the change candidate is.] “Second…by the time you reach my age, will the atmosphere contain so much carbon that life as you know it is impossible?” [Hey kids, are you wearing your “Obama will save the planet” t-shirts?] “Third, as voters, you are more idealistic than the older voterswho helped create this awful mess by their cynical attitude of ‘all politicians are the same – phonies.’” [Whoa! Les Femmes’ moms and grandmas didn’t cause this mess! We vote with informed consciences and work for candidates who defend the non-negotiable life issues. Ever hear of those, Dr. LeBlanc? Why weren’t they included in your article?] And finally, “Keep your ideals and your hopes, as you keep your religious faith, and vote with those hopes.” [Well, we all know who the “hope” candidate is. He’s told us so over and over ad nauseum.] The fact that electing Obama will dash the hopes of unborn babies is apparently not important to Dr. LeBlanc. The day after the inauguration Obama will undo advances pro-lifers have struggled to gain over the past 35 years. He will sign the Freedom of Choice Act as he promised Planned Parenthood which will entrench Roe v. Wade and overturn most state laws protecting the unborn. He will select radical Supreme Court judges and name pro-abortion and pro-gay liberals to all levels of the federal court system. No hope with Obama for the unborn. His political career proves him to be cynical, manipulative, and a liar. Put your hope in the Lord not the fake messiah!

***Nurses can now murder patients in CA
On October 1st Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that allows nurses and physicians assistants to kill patients by terminal sedation, dehydration, and starvation. The Terminal Patients’ Right to Know End of Life Options Act, AB 2747, sponsored by Democratic Assemblywoman Patty Berg allows non-physician staff to determine when a patient is terminally ill and requires them to give information about what amounts to assisted suicide. The legislation was proposed by Compassion in Dying, the kinder, gentler name for The Hemlock Society. On their website they call the bill “the first in the nation to provide terminally ill patients with a full disclosure of, and counseling about, all available end-of-life care options accepted in law and medicine.” It also requires that staff “who do not wish to comply with a particular patient’s choice must refer or transfer the patient to another provider.” The bill fails to define “terminal illness” except to say, the patient has a prognosis of less than a year to live. The depressed will be particularly vulnerable under this legislation. The latest statistics from Oregon show that one out of four opting for suicide suffers from depression. This bill clearly discriminates against those with mental health problems! [How many times have docs been wrong about terminal illness? Nurses are more infallible? But hey, the state can solve its budget crunch by targeting state pensioners. What a cost-cutting strategy: let all those state retirees exercise their holy right to kill themselves. And send over the state comptroller to make sure they do!]

***Padres become community organizers: The Alinskian Industrial Areas Foundation is expanding its tentacles into the Diocese of Arlington with the help of St. Anthony’s Fr. Tuck Grinnell, a founder of VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) which brought together 40 religious groups in October 5th to [what else?] organize. Fr. Gerry Creedon from St. Charles and Fr. Bob Cilinski at All Saints are also part of the group. Interestingly the VOICE webpage is hosted by the United Universalist Church of Arlington (UUCA) which works for gay rights, abortion, and euthanasia. In fact their gay lobby day supported a bill to prohibit parental input on school clubs their kids join. [Hey, they might object to gays soliciting their children.] CCHD history illustrates how linking arms with IAF results in organized promotion (and funding) of abortion, gay rights, and other pet issues of the extreme left. IAF follows the same evil strategies as ACORN does.

One of VOICE’s demands is for $20 million in “affordable housing” in Prince William County, an area with hundreds of surplus houses due to foreclosures caused by bad loans. And the threats have already begun. The Washington Post quoted Fr. Tuck saying, “From the elected officials’ side they’re going to see the birth of an interfaith organization as a huge ally for them if they do the right thing or a huge obstacle if they do the wrong thing.” And what exactly is the right thing? In their Oct. 5th bulletin All Saints listed a panoply of issues: “1. the expansion and addition of Affordable housing Trust Funds in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Prince William County. 2. The setting aside and identification of public lands for low-income Housing. 3. Decreasing the long lead time for processing applications for citizenship. 4. Increasing public funding for English as a Second Language instruction. 5. Expansion of the capacity and coverage area of the free Northern Dental Clinic 6. Developing recommendations for improving access to emergency health care for mental patients. This set of programs is just a start.” [That’s what we’re afraid of. Don’t hold your breath waiting for VOICE to defend the unborn or traditional marriage. Abortion and marital breakup are devastating to the poor, but they don’t even make a blip on these “social justice” junkies’ radar screens. Neither does the Church principle of subsidiarity which calls for solving problems at the lowest level beginning with the family. VOICE and groups like it are all about getting money from Uncle Sugar Daddy and gaining power. Networking with gay and pro-abort bedfellows allows the culture of death to further its agenda under the guise of respectability. It’s nothing new and the proof is all over if you research IAF, ACORN, Gamaliel, etc. The success of these groups at picking the taxpayers’ pockets means less money for you to give to charity and to support your families. VOICE will decide for you. Watch for VOICE to shill for big-government liberal democrats. These three priests are known for that. How many more will be sucked in by their IAF VOICE?]

***Twilight before the Dawn Department:
Bishop Jaime Soto, coadjutor bishop of Sacramento spoke September 18th at the meeting of the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries (NCDLGM) in Long Beach CA. Instead of the usual twaddle when bishops speak to those who celebrate sodomy, Bishop Soto spoke the truth in love to a group that very much needs to hear it. He defended authentic married love between one man and one woman and defended chastity for all. “We are surrounded by a ‘contraceptive culture’ that has reduced the procreative act to simple recreation absolved of any responsibility.…The nature of love has been distorted.…Sexual intercourse is a beautiful expression of love…when intercourse is understood as a unique expression intended to share in the creative, faithful love of God.” Witnesses said at least five people walked out during the bishop’s speech. Few applauded at its end and one group organizer apologized “on behalf of the board” saying, “We had no idea Bishop Soto was going to say what he said.” When we heard Bishop Soto was speaking at this meeting we were concerned, but we applaud his going into the lions’ den and expressing the Church’s authentic love for sinners.

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