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A friend recently emailed me a newsletter by Fr. Elias Mary. Father is a priest of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, an order founded in 1990 following St. Maximilian Kolbe’s example of using the media to advance the faith. I was intrigued by his article, The Catholic Vote: An Obama-Nation and want to share some of his views about our bishops. Father lamented the 54% of Catholics who supported Obama, calling their actions the “politician-assisted suicide of our nation. Or…[to] be more correct…voter-assisted suicide” since voters chose “the most radically anti-life, left-leaning” candidate in history.”

Father calls the President “the Herod of the 21st century,” appropriate in view of Obama’s complicity in massacring the innocent not only at home, but abroad. Father also said Catholics who voted for Obama are “followers of Judas Iscariot and not Jesus Christ.” but where he really hits the nail on the head, I think, is when he addresses the bishops who voted for Obama which he believes matches or even exceeds the 54% Catholic vote. That leads him to conclude that “instead of denying Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians who are Catholic, we need to first deny Holy Communion to their bishops.”

It’s hard to argue with Father’s reasons. “Before the election,” he continues, “two faithful bishops in Texas wrote to their respective flocks that anyone who votes for a pro-abortion politician is guilty of cooperating in the sin of abortion.” He explains the penalty of automatic excommunication for those who, understanding Church teaching, assist someone to procure an abortion and then continues. “You would have a hard time convincing me that a bishop would be ignorant of this penalty…since the bishop is the one who has the authority to lift the excommunication and is the one who normally grants the priests of his diocese the faculty of lifting the excommunication within the sacrament of penance.”

Without equivocating Father then states clearly that he believes these bishops “are not in communion with Christ, but rather with Satan. I cannot think of any other more polite way of saying what is the honest truth. They are the hired hands that Our Lord speaks about in the Gospels and the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’.. We must not forget that Judas was an apostle and it seems that he has his successors in the episcopacy today as well.”

Then Father suggests that we ask our bishops how they voted. “If [your bishop] does not have the courage to tell you, then ask him to please do the church a favor and send in his resignation to the Holy Father. Oh, yes of course, pray for him, but still he ought to resign. Can we honestly expect that a bishop who voted for Obama is going to offer a credible or formidable opposition to his abortion policies? A friend of mine in Australia refers to such bishops as ‘spiritual geldings.’… The American Catholic Church has been in open schism and now there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind after the election.”

Father Elias minces no words saying, “To vote for a pro-abortion politician like Obama is an objective mortal sin. A voter who did not know where Obama stood on the issue of life…had to be in a coma…. But even ignorance would not excuse a Catholic voter from serious sin because to vote for someone without first checking to see where that candidate stands on the issue of life would be so imprudent as to be a grave matter, I believe. I would equate voting for someone without first knowing his stance on serious moral issues such as life to be tantamount to shooting into a bush without first knowing if your intended target is a deer or a man. That kind of ignorance does not excuse one from committing sin….”

Wow! We need more priests like Fr. Elias Mary and his few confreres who aren’t afraid to preach the authentic Gospel – even speaking truth to power, i.e., the bishops. As a religious priest he is protected a bit from the threat of a diocesan bishop who can tell one of his sons, “You have no idea what I can do to you!” Pray for this lion of God and his diocesan brothers. We need priests acting as alter Christis who are not afraid to warn the Pharisees that they are “whited sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones.” And pray for bishops like Wilton Gregory who hardly suppressed his glee at the election of a man who rivals the monsters of history in his eagerness to slay the innocent. How many other bishops were likewise complicit?

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