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Expel the Rotten Apples Reader Says
During their most recent conference in Baltimore, the bishops…were looking for ideas of how they could better communicate Catholic ideals and doctrine to an inattentive flock that overwhelmingly supported the pro-abortion candidate, Barrack Obama…. The bishops failed miserably in conveying the proper message, assuming they even tried.  For years parishioners have sat in the pews, listened to feel-good homilies, and heard nothing of evil, sin, and the importance of living a righteous life.  The bishops may  be trying to build some consensus just to save face. 

There is a solution…[or] at least an important starting point.  Immediately excommunicate Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and any other political operative that claims fellowship with both the pro-abortion crowd and the Catholic Church.  The Church’s position regarding the sanctity of life is clear.  There is no need to repeat it here.  What does appear to be unclear to the bishops is the meaning of communion.

The practice of Holy Communion in the Church… expresse[s] a fellowship with Christ and His disciples and the disciples with one another.  That means we share not only fellowship, but common beliefs, unity, concord and agreement. By allowing pro-abortion politicians to continue to share the Eucharist with Catholics whose actions are in alignment with Church teachings is an insult to the faithful, a bad example, and… the deliberate placement of rotten apples in the barrel.  We often look up to politicians for leadership, guidance and example.  By not excommunicating these rogues, the bishops are diminishing the piety of the truly faithful.

The bishops spoke of the possible need to close the Catholic hospitals rather than being forced to perform abortions. That is a drastic step and may become necessary.  But why not start with a less costly step to show that they are really serious?  The bishops must act swiftly to excommunicate these pro-abortion politicians to redeem themselves and to restore true Christian brotherhood to the loyal members of the Catholic Church.

Jesse Williamson
Woodbridge, VA

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