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Warn readers about new age rosaries
A co-worker showed me one of these rosaries someone left in the chapel at HLI. If you have plastic white/ blue/pink rosaries, or receive one from someone, you might want to check them over. I have learned from other sources too about how several of the symbols used are definitely part and parcel of witchcraft and Satanism, etc. If you have one, a priest here suggested to throw them out and say a prayer for protection to renounce the evil.

M.L. via e-mail

Ed’s note: The rosaries are embedded with pagan symbols including an upright wand/divining rod behind Jesus called a caduceus symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth. (The Greek/Roman God Hermes/ Mercury is sometimes shown with one). A coiled snake representing Satan is behind Jesus’ and the letters INRI (Jesus Christ, King of the Jews) are missing. The implication is that Satan is co-Messiah with Christ. Circles on the four ends of the crucifix with dots signify gold or the sun in alchemy and the five pointed pentagram is an occult symbol often used in conjuring. Occult objects should be destroyed.

Pelosi & Notre Dame Shame Church
Nancy Pelosi's lies about Church teaching or when she heard about waterboarding is bad. Makes me feel sad for her soul and my country. If a President of a Catholic University disobeys the Holy Father and the bishops of the country and invites anyone who is pro-abortion to address the graduates, that's bad. There is nothing anyone can say or do to make either of those person's actions good. Both should resign their positions. The priest should take board members and professors with him that are not any more Catholic than he.

Certainly Fr. McBrien who had the faceoff with Father Frank Pavone on FoxNews Sunday should be first on the list after Father Jenkins. His superior in the Holy Cross Order should replace him with someone who will lead a Catholic University as though it were a real Catholic university, like Thomas Aquinas in California, or Christendom in Virginia to name two. Somehow I do not believe this is over. At least I pray that some strong action will be taken by the proper authorities.

P.T. Poughkeepsie, NY

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