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A Thank You Note from a Good Shepherd
I am very grateful that you issued your Lamplighter Award in my name. I thank you for your kind note on my reflections on the 40th anniversary of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. God bless you and your community.
James Francis Cardinal Stafford
Vatican City

Fr. Grinnell debunked Eucharistic miracle
Congratulations on the spring Les Femmes. Your analysis of "The Battle of Notre Dame" is the best I've read - and I read a lot of Catholic magazines. Also of interest to me were your comments on Fr. Grinnell who was my pastor for many years at St. Anthony. I was uncomfortable with his excessive friendliness with protestant ministers who I felt to be ultra-liberals.

One time I chided (wrote in fact)Fr. Grinnell about some of his "protestant sermons" in one of which he downplayed the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves by implying that the crowd had pooled their resources and thus were able to feed everyone. His reply to my complaint was "Well, we weren't there, so we can't say what actually happened."

A lot of us Catholic men are not paradigms of virtue and thus become cowards in battle. Thank God for the Catholic women who have always - particularly today - been in the vanguard of the battle for Catholicism.
Berryville, VA

Ed’s note: Sad to say, many priests today have lost the faith and are busy robbing others of theirs. I’m sure you are praying for Fr. Grinnell and I urge our readers to do so as well especially during this year of the priest

Correction on David Bereit of 40 Days
Your last issue of Les Femmes was outstanding as all of them are. There was one slight mistake, however. David Bereit of 40 Days for Life is not a Catholic. His wife Margaret is Catholic and she is a Catholic home schooling mother.
Baltimore, MD

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