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List of Concerns from a Faithful Reader
I have cut down on my Sunday offerings and make up by funding worthy Catholic organizations. The needs are so great. With greater faith comes greater donations. Sermons and example play a great part. Let me list some of my concerns:

1. Poorly prepared sermons about non-issues. The 10 commandment and 7 capitol sins never addressed;

2. Liberals at the USCCB who serve their own agenda;

3. Retirement homes for “warehousing” retired priests. Priests don’t retire. They should stay in parishes, help out, and help younger priests;

4. Deacons with a business background should run parish and diocesan finances. Bishops and priests should spread the gospel, make converts, and address the spiritual ills of our society. Avarice can make thieves of the clergy.

5. Faithful laity must speak out and be wise in their donations.

Finally, we must pray more for our bishops and priests.

A.L Vienna, VA

Potpourri of short Letters on The Truth

Thank you for articulating so well what we feel about the Kennedy mess. T.M. McLean, VA

I read with great interest your summer issue. I live in a retirement home for priests. At lunch today we were discussing the Kennedy funeral. My friend was for it. I shall give him The Truth. It was great.

Name and diocese withheld by Editor

Although we see definite signs of hope, our blessed Church, semi-paralyzed these past decades, still seems weak and, as yet, still unable to effectively stave off debility and inner corruptions. Thus Les Femmes with its courage and in taking on the scrubbing/cleansing job our bishops and hierarchy have long needed, so desperately, to do is helping the Church.

Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Orange, CA

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