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Philly Priest Compliments Marriage Article
Your Article on traditional marriage is a masterpiece. It would be good if you could put it in pamphlet form and spread it throughout the Church in the U.S.A. I also enjoyed much your article From the President’s Kitchen Table. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area, I invite you to any Mass in this great Archdiocese where you would not experience something so, so ridiculous as you described. We are very traditional in this part of the Church.

Fr. J. G. Philadelphia, PA

Modestly Dressed Bride Captures Attention
The picture of the couple being married got my attention. I noted that the bride has a beautiful dress with a high neckline. I have five daughters, four of whom are married. All wore beautiful gowns with modest necklines. It seems that the ten or so weddings I attended over the last dozen years had brides wearing strapless gowns. Several of the weddings were in Catholic churches – Nuptial Masses. Is anything ever said - by priests, pastors, diocesan papers – about modesty in dress? I will confess to having worn a strapless dress to a formal event. I did have a matching stole but I have to say that this trend does bother me. If it had happened once or twice but 6-10 Catholic weddings – (one at the cathedral in Philadelphia) where the brides wore strapless gowns.

Keep up your efforts. I believe that we are down to a remnant.

D.I. Berwyn, PA

I share your concern. Brides should be modestly dressed. In the past bridal photos in the Arlington Herald’s wedding issue featured strapless gowns and cleavage. Bare dresses look silly paired with the sign of virginity, the white veil. I’m happy to say the recent wedding issue had lovely brides modestly dressed. For brides who have no sense, we suggest pastors keep a supply of shrugs, shawls, and Fatima t-shirts. Editor

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