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Reader Teaches Daughters Cursive Writing

I would like to thank you for your incredible newsletter, The Truth. Your gift of writing and explaining the truths of our faith is inspiring….Your fearless reporting is a breath of fresh air! Enclosed is a check for [renewal] and a small donation.

E.M. Pendleton, IN

P.S. I’m teaching my daughters cursive writing.

Ed’s note: Thanks for the kind word! And good for you for teaching cursive! Even the Washington Post recognizes its importance. They recently ran a handwriting contest for young readers. And studies show that those who write in cursive improve their sentence structure and express more complex thoughts in their writing. Helps on the SATS!

College Prof Says Kids Canít Take Notes

I teach at the college level. I have wondered why so few students take notes and a couple of years ago someone said, "They can't write." So I asked my students (I've done this in several classes) how many of you can write cursive.
The typical response is about 1/3 of the class raises their hands. This means that they can't take notes very well. That's sad and you can lay it at the doorstep of the public schools.

R.S. Harrisonburg, VA

Reproductive Rights Means the Opposite

Isn't it interesting that the phrase "reproductive rights" means exactly the opposite – the alleged right to not reproduce? Reminds me of what G. K. Chesterton said, that "birth control" means no self-control and no birth.

R.W. via e-mail

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