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Reader’s “Main Gripe” is Bad Sermons

I enjoy reading your newsletter. You are always insightful and truthful. My main gripe with our diocese is the low level of sermons. Most people go to hell for sins of the flesh, as Our Lady of Fatima, warned us, but nary a word from the pulpit. It seems God’s commandments, church commandments, and the seven capital sins are too shocking for our ears. We don’t need a “new evange-lization,” the old one is good enough for me if the full Gospel is preached with preparation and unction!
A.L. Vienna, VA.

Only Young Boys should Serve at the Altar

I'm so thankful for your Ministry and strength. Of course, I agree with having young boys only serving. It's a shame these women don't see their own anger. Yes prayers are needed for these Faithful Priests and for those trying to cause trouble. If only they could turn that energy to aid the Unborn and fight Planned Parenthood. Thank you, again for all you do to keep us informed.
P.H. via e-mail

Soldiers of Christ Don’t Eat G.S. Cookies

Please pray for all who are being soldiers for Christ and exposing that Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood. Boycott Girl Scout Cookies.
J.P. via Facebook

Bishop’s Lenten Appeal Starting Earlier?

By my calendar, Lent is still a month away, but we got the pulpit announcement Sunday (Jan.22) asking us to start thinking about our pledge, and I received the packet in the mail this morning asking us to “consider increasing” our BLA commitment. It seems like the Lenten appeal begins earlier every year. I dread the Sunday when we get the full court press with a tape-recorded message from the bishop and then the pastor treats us like kindergarteners filling out the pledge envelopes. I wish my parish spent as much time preaching about the right to life as it does promoting the BLA. I’m not supporting the BLA. I’d rather give to charities I really trust.
M.D. Arlington, VA

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