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Last Issue Was Spot On Reader Thinks

Your last newsletter, as always, was excellent and right on the spot. Thank you for giving us the true story.

J.S. Fredericksburg, VA.

Pray for Bishops as Persecution Accelerates

Your winter edition about priests’ persecution is dead on. I am a founding member of Holy Trinity parish. The Savage family and the Savage Charitable Foundation contributed nearly three quarters of a million dollars to building the parish. Fr. Peffley was a magnificent pastor as curiously enough the late January issue of The Herald attests. I was fully aware of the circumstances of Fr. Peffley’s “demotion” through unnamed sources, but also because of my extensive involvement at the parish. The Truth serves a great purpose. Continue the good work. Your quotes from de Montfort are also dead on. True Devotion has formed [Fr. Peffley’s] life’s view as it has for all of us who served with him in the Legion of Mary. Pray for all our bishops especially now as persecution of the Church in the U.S. accelerates.

R.J.S. Collegeville, PA

Did Fr. Pollard “Burn Out” like Fr. Peffley

Congratulations on a great article on Bishop Loverde in your latest issue of The Truth. I found your report of the demise of Fr. Peffley very interesting. The pastor of St. Veronica Church, Fr. Marcus Pollard, after starting a new parish and building a church, also "voluntarily" gave up his pastor position because of "burnout" just like Fr. Peffley. He also had done a terrific job developing the parish and building the church. Interestingly, he "voluntarily" gave up his pastor position around the time that Fr. Buckner, his assistant, was sent packing by Loverde because of the trumped up charges you mentioned in your newsletter. I always suspected that Fr. Pollard had defended Fr. Buckner (a good priest) and he paid the price. I chatted with Fr. Pollard at The Catholic Shop a couple of weeks before he was removed and he certainly didn't seem burned out to me. He was jovial, upbeat, and full of energy.

Name withheld by request

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