Les Femmes


Reader Supports Father Marcel Guarnizo
Pax et bonum! Your Spring newsletter was so good. Thanks for telling the truth about Fr. Marcel Guarnizo. I am paying for his trip to Rome on 3 June. He has friends at the Vatican. I have known him and supported his work for nearly twenty years.

A.L. Vienna, VA.

Kind Comments and Kudos from Readers
Please keep me on your mailing list. I really enjoy your comments and thoughts.

P.M. Annandale, VA

Thanks for your constant vigilance and prayers for our Church.

G.P. Alexandria, VA

Great editorial on Social Utopia and the Church. Also, Fr. Marcel was targeted by the ambushers, I believe.

A priest of the diocese

Lord, Save Us and Save Good Priests Too
I just read The Truth, winter issue (vol 16 #4), and I would like to be on your mailing list – please. You are certainly not afraid of the truth so to speak. Let us have the light shine into the places of machinations where there should be no machinations – the bishops’ place. Some of the revelations are hard to believe because of where they’ve come from – our Church (Christ’s Bride) – apostles’ successors with unclean hearts. Dear Lord, save us and save good priests too! Lord, chastise the “whited sepulchers full of “dead men’s’ bones!”

D.M Front Royal, VA

“I’m on the right track with Les Femmes.”
I look forward to each issue ….Every article you send is superb. The latest, “Oh Brave New World,” is right on. From your “Kitchen Table is true. I often thought of myself in the same situation doing exactly as you describe. Can you send 3-5 copies of The Truth vol. 17 #1?

Mrs. J.K. Ft. Worth, TX

Absolutely! And thank you for your support. Ed

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