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Bishop Morlino Appreciates Lamplighter
I’ve been working diligently to finish up some of my summer correspondence, and it was a joy to encounter your letter once again. I am sorry that it’s taken me a while to respond.

I wanted to thank you for the kind words you offered when including me in the spring issue of your newsletter. As you noted, the secular press is normally far less kind, and I truly appreciate hearing from faithful members of the Church who are struggling and praying to bring about the new Springtime that was prophesied by Bl. John Paul the Great.

I ask that you would keep me in your prayers, and you can be assured that you will remain in mine.

Imparting my blessing upon you, I remain,

Gratefully in the Lord,

Robert C. Morlino,
Bishop of Madison, WI

We invite our readers to remember Bishop Morlino and all the faithful shepherds of the U.S. in your prayers. Editor

Reader Appreciates Education on Attacks
Thank you so much for your ministry in educating so many about the attacks on the Church and its faithful ministers.
A.M. Clifton, VA

We Must Evangelize and Defend the Truth
A little while ago our priest said to us at Mass, “Evangelize! Don’t keep that ‘fortress mentality’ just because you’re secure in this parish.” This made me ponder, and I came up with the thought that we can only give away to others from an overflow of love for God that He has in His own heart. A vessel that is not full and overflowing can’t spill over to quench the thirst of others.

Our priest never seems to evangelize the world as he is asking us to do… We, a parish dear to my heart, are divided and so deeply at odds over many things that we could not evangelize because we are starved for lack of leadership at the top. Thank you for doing what you do for truth – so rare. D.M. Front Royal, VA

Sadly, division exists and is predicted in Scripture. But we are called to evangelize individually.as well collectively in parishes or Catholic apostolates. Our first duty as individuals is to evangelize our own families. So let us all pray for our pastors and do our duty regardless of whether they do theirs. The Lord will handle them in His own time. Editor

When You’re Talking Your Not Learning
The jovial Dolan is either incredibly naive politically or incredibly arrogant, or both. He blew opportunities for some serious evangelization during TV interviews with Morley Safer and, more recently, with Bob Schieffer. He was apparently told, when young, that he has the alleged "gift of the gab." The trouble there is that when you're talking you're not learning anything. After the [Al Smith] dinner, the photos went out, via CNS, to every diocesan paper in the country, of Dolan and Obama jovially laughing it up together, thus giving comfort to the millions of Catholics who thereafter voted for Obama. Of course, the counterproductive work by Dolan continued with his equating Biden and Ryan as "Catholics" and his blessing of both parties' conventions. Keep up the great work with the newsletter!
C.M. Fairfax, VA

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