Les Femmes




I’m writing this thinking about today’s gospel when Jesus sent Peter down to the lake to catch a fish whose mouth contained a coin worth twice the temple tax. It seems fitting in view of my topic. Eighteen years ago with the first issue of THE TRUTH we put this apostolate work in the hands of Our Lady and asked her to be our publisher. We promised to continue as long as she provided the means. Except for a small stipend to our webmaster (which we’ve stopped), no one ever received a nickle from this labor of love. I personally covered the miscellaneous costs and the international mailing for each issue. And Our Lady has provided through her friends. We have always had enough to put out the next issue, sometimes two - until now. The cupboard is almost bare. A friend and I are committed to paying for the next issue, (about $550) but it may be the last in print. If you value the newsletter, look at the date on the front and see when you last contributed. We send it to all the priests and other diocesan leaders gratis, which is a serious financial commitment. If you think Our Lady wishes this work to continue please pray for us and go fishing in your pocket. Thanks to all our faithful supporters! Editor

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