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Maryland Pro-Life Activist Decries Oct. False Arrest

The False arrest/Notre Dame/Fr. Jenkins horror story reminded me of my own arrest and jail and trial last October. Shameful! No Miranda rights read to me and two Planned Barrenhood so-called witnesses lied shamelessly. No Bibles in the courtroom to swear on. Justice in America is D-E-A-D.

O.F. Wheaton, MD

Editor’s Note: The writer is a long-time sidewalk counselor, pro-life speaker and abortion mill rescuer. She is no stranger to persecution from pro-abortion fanatics.

“I Missed You & Read The Truth Cover to Cover”

Missed you and read The Truth cover to cover as soon as it came. Re the election: I sadly heard several evangelical Christians on a radio call in saying they “sat out” because neither candidate was acceptable. I was no Romney fan but voted for him. My father did not have the benefit of much education. All four of my grandparents came from Poland and as the second of seven children he went to work after 6th grade. He was a smart man, however, and said this about elections. “I sometimes find someone that I do want to vote for, but mostly I vote against! A vote for Romney was a vote against Obama! Can there be any doubt that a Romney/Ryan ticket would have been better than Obama/Biden? We need to promote and promulgate the concept of voting against. Could those evangelicals who sat out the election “on principle” have made a difference?

D.I. Bethany Beach, DE

Our Nation and Its Leaders Need the Lord Jesus

Please find my long overdue subscription fees enclosed. Although we have some disagreements politically, I think your identification of core problems facing our society is accurate. Our nation and its leaders need to take counsel with the Lord Jesus more often.
G.B. Alexandria, VA

Reader Sends Thanks & Asks the Lord’s Blessing

With my gratitude for all you do for the Church and for us. May the Lord continue to bless you.

M.P. Alexandria, VA

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