Les FemmesAWARDS

Millstone Award given to those who through ignorance or malice scandalize God's people:

To Bishop Paul Loverde who is allowing Dr. Anthony Tambasco to present a series of lectures at St. Ann’s in Arlington. Notified of Tambasco’s heretical positions, easily documented in his writings, the bishop responded through the Diocesan Secretary for Religious Education and the Liturgy, Fr. Paul deLadurantaye, who told Les Femmes, “The bishop wanted you to know that our diocesan guidelines for guest speakers were followed by the parish and the pastor in this instance, and that Dr. Tambasco was permitted to speak on the subject of the Second Vatican Council.” In view of Tambasco’s attacks on the faith and on the Blessed Mother (in a post Vatican II book called What Are They Saying About Mary) this is surely an indictment of diocesan guidelines. A primary duty of the bishop is to protect the flock from heresy. We beg the intercession of the North American martyrs for Bishop Loverde and invite readers to make acts of love and reparation to the Blessed Mother for Tambasco’s slurs against her and for his conversion.

To Faux Catholic Terry McAuliffe whose lies about Ken Cuccinelli are legion. One particularly despicable act involved a series of robo calls claiming Cuccinelli is not really pro-life. It appears McAuliffe’s campaign spliced together statements about the Hyde Amendment to make it appear Ken supports abortion for rape, incest and life of the mother. He doesn’t. We ask St. Paul, that great lion of God to intercede for Terry that burning coals of repentance will be heaped on his head.

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