Les Femmes


Reader Horrified at Thought The Truth Will Stop!
Mon Dieu! Horrors! Can you imagine? Women of Truth can’t stop! I’m sure Our Lord has no intention of letting this happen. I so hope others will hurry up and donate so that you will be in a position to keep us so honestly informed.

P.S. Alexandria, VA

Ed: Thanks for your generous check, P.S.

Seeing “Clowns and Rascals” Named Is “Priceless”
Keep up the good work if you can. If you can’t we’ll understand. But seeing the clowns and rascals of the Arlington Diocese named in print is priceless!

T.M. McLean, VA

Ed: Thanks, T.M. with friends like you we’ll continue!

Women Need to Know about Abortion/Cancer Link
I would like to renew my subscription and apologize for not doing so recently. I serve as Vice-President of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer. Please accept two of our complimentary brochures for your information. The biggest Scandal in the healthcare business for too many years is how much they DON’T WANT WOMEN TO KNOW.

Perhaps you can help us get the word out.
I always enjoy your newsletters and look forward to being one of your fans for many years to come.

A.S. South Barrington, IL

ED: Visit ABC’s site at www.AbortionBreastCancer.com.

Reader Says Thanks for “Truthful Publication”
Enclosed please find a check for my subscription renewal and also the remainder to keep your publication going. Thanks for your Truthful publication.
L.S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ed: We appreiciate your help, L.S. Thank you.

Bl. Jacinta’s “Determined Look” Moves Reader
I love your writings: no equivocation – just revealed truth! The picture of Bl. Jacinta moved me. She has such a determined look. Please use my donation to help keep you in business for Jesus! A.L. Vienna, VA

Ed: A big thank you to A.L & all our generous friends. We’re humbled by your support. May God reward you!

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