Les Femmes

***Lesbian Couple Want It Their Way! Carol Parker and Josie Martin live in the show me state. Apparently they think that means they can advertise their 20-year lesbian relationship to the community and still demand to be treated as faithful Catholics. A young priest, Fr. Benjamin Kneib, pricked their dream world bubble when he told the women they could not receive the Eucharist at the funeral of Parker’s mother. So, like the lesbian Buddhist/Catholic Barbara Johnson, who was denied Communion by Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, at her mom’s funeral, they went public attacking the priest who made them feel bad. New Ways Ministry, the faux Catholic homosexual agitprop group quoted Parker saying, “We’re all God’s children, and we have every right to receive Communion…Even the pope has said, ‘Who am I to judge?’” Parker wants Fr. Kneib to “open his eyes and fully receive the LGBT community into the church.” In other words, “Love me, love my sin.”

***But Did the Pope Really Say That? Well, yes and no. It’s interesting that homosexual activists quote the second part of the pope’s statement but omit the preceding qualifier. Here’s the entire quote: When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers. Do Mary Parker and Josie Martin show that they “accept the Lord and have goodwill?” Obviously not. The term “partner” in homo-speak means a couple living together as sex partners. Since sex outside marriage (which can only be contracted between a man and a woman) and any other sexual relationship is mortally sinful under God’s law, the lesbians made it clear they do NOT accept the Lord. The fact that they demand their relationship be publicly acknowledged and tolerated by those who love God’s laws, shows anything but “goodwill.” And they show absolutely no tolerance for the priest who tried to warn them against digging a bigger hole for themselves by what St. Paul says would be receiving the Lord unto their condemnation. The women have switched parishes. No doubt they can find a priest in the Catholic cafeteria who will gladly provide them a sports car to hasten their journey on the road to hell. For our part, we thank Fr. Kneib and hope he won’t suffer the same persecution meted out by Cardinal Wuerl to Fr. Guarnizo.

***Do NOT Capitulate on Homosexuality Many Catholics are capitulating on homosexuality. Unlike opposition to abortion, which has increased since 1972’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision, polls increasingly show that Catholics are buying into bogus arguments justifying same sex lust. The tragedy of this isn’t merely the collapse of the culture, but the ear tickling that will result in many souls being lost. Yes, those with same sex attraction must have our compassion and assistance. We need to offer holy friendship and encouragement to reject immorality and embrace chastity. We cannot show a “tolerance” that means affirming them in their sin. No unrepentant sodomite or adulterer or fornicator will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only those who love the Lord and keep His commandments. Those who make sex their god or money or power will all be lost on Judgment Day. How can God know them if they embrace false gods? Contraception/ abortion is not our generation’s only crisis. Homosexuality is a close second. Like the prophets, we need to stand up and be unafraid to proclaim the truth even if we’re labeled intolerant, homophobic bigots. Ear tickling won’t save any souls. Neither will a false compassion that says “I’m okay, you’re okay” no matter what evil choices we make. As Catholics with the fullness of the truth, shouldn’t we be at least as brave as Protestant Duck Commander Phil Robertson?

***Germany Expands Catholic Cafeteria
In January the German bishops’ conference announced they will continue to pursue their plan to admit divorced and remarried Catholics to Communion despite the CDF (Congregation for the Defense of the Faith) forbidding it.  President of the Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, dismissed CDF opposition in a December interview in the German newspaper Die Welt saying, “A Prefect is not the Pope.” He also went on to cite a mantra Catholics hear all too often about a “responsible decision [made] in conscience.” Sound familiar? After the release of Humanae Vitae (HV) in 1968, every dissenting roman collar in Christendom raised individual conscience [based on opinions and feelings] to the level of Sacred Dogma. And just as dissenters prior to HV plowed the ground for rebellion by predicting Church teaching would change, Zollitsch implies that the teaching on the indissolubility of marriage will bow to pastoral practice instead of rigid discipline. Despite CDF, the bishops say, they will affirm measures to reinstate divorced and remarried Catholics to full union at their March plenary. Zollitsch also points to next fall’s Vatican synod saying, “I feel very encouraged by Pope Francis, who has called a special synod on marriage and the family for October 2014.” So, just as the infamous Birth Control Commission fired up anticipation for the approval of contraception prior to HV, the German bishops are stirring up anticipation for another cataclysmic change. If the Church fails to approve divorce and remarriage without annulment will we see another full page ad in the New York Times rejecting Church teaching? Perhaps… but for sure another stake is being driven through the heart of marriage and family by the German bishops citing pastoral care. In their logic all doctrine except “I’m okay-you’re okay” could be pitched.

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