Les Femmes

Dear Editor:
Always grateful for all you do for God, the Church and us! In my nothingness and ignorance, I happen to agree with you in your comments regarding the Pope's actions....I prefer not to talk about him in public and I've been challenged by non-Catholics regarding some of his pronouncements.... I prefer not to think about what he says or does for fear that I might sin.... I'm sure that God is allowing all this for a reason, but I am very confused....Take care and thanks for your amazing courage and dedication. May God bless you abundantly!
M.T. via email

Editor: M.T. is referring to comments on the Les Femmes blog which is updated often. Not everything a pope says or does is infallible. Questioning a shepherd’s acts must always be done in charity, but is not sinful. Let us pray and do penance for our shepherds, especially the pope, and defend Holy Mother Church. If you like the quarterly newsletter, visit the blog at lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com.

Dear Editor:
Please find enclosed my check for your important work.
G.B. Alexandria, VA

Dear Editor:
Received your newsletter and was shocked by the beginning topic…: “Are We Losing Our Children to the Homosexual Zeitgeist?” Yes we are, in fact at my age (85 years old) I am shocked by the actions of the homosexual, etc. groups. It is all the work of the Evil One. Even children accept what they are told. President Reagan’s son wrote an article on “How the Catholic Church did not condemn it from the pulpit.”

I wonder how Fr. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. would oppose their actions. He did give us the motion picture code in the 1930s. J.P. Wilmington, DE

Dear Editor:
Do you remember Bp. William Curlin of DC? He’s the retired bishop of Charlotte but still active in our diocese. He…started the gay masses here. Poor sheep…when the focus is on the bottom line....I say better to go broke than sell your soul, but compromise is alive and well…in our diocese. But having said that, we have some incredibly faith-filled young priests, loyal to the Magisterium and unwilling to compromise! M.A. via e-mail

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