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***Fr. Tuck runs amuck! When the Diocese of Arlington announced parish transfers in June, Fr. Tuck Grinnell wasn’t happy to gofrom the center of northern Virginia power to a little mission church, St. Peter’s in the Shenandoah Valley. In fact, he was so unhappy he mailed a letter to his St. Charles parishioners saying the transfer was “against my will.” Arlnow.com, the “up-to-the-minute source for breaking news,” in Arlington picked up Fr. Tuck’s rant reporting that, “Grinnell… believed the decision to transfer him to a church more than 80 miles away was not justified…. ‘They wanted me out of the parish,’ he said. ‘In the end I truly believe that this transfer was “personal” and not “business”…I love you the people of St. Charles, and I will miss you! I had hoped to continue to minister here until I turned 75 in eight years. It is not to be. As one of my uncles used to say, ‘paybacks are hell!’” Wow! Take that new flock at St. Peter’s! You are the parish from hell!

According to Fr. Tuck’s letter, the bishop’s decision was based on his lack of support for the school which he denied, but many people commenting at Arl.now.com deplored the fact that they learned about the school closing in a flyer sent home in their children’s backpacks, strange to say the least coming from a compassionate progressive who cares so much about people!

Some parishioners at St. Peter’s, alerted to the controversy, contacted Les Femmes seeking information about their new pastor whose left-wing views are no secret. A community organizer and founder of Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE), an affiliate of Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, Fr. Tuck has filtered parishioners’ money into left-wing causes for years. Member churches pay annual fees to IAF to further its socialist agenda including abortion. St. Peter’s parishioners will need to watch where their money goes. Pastors can spend a certain amount without oversight from the diocese ($5,000?).

In the July 27th bulletin Fr. Tuck included an article about a “petition” circulating which he admitted he hadn’t seen. No surprise; it didn’t exist! Now why would you listen to tale-bearers without asking to see the petition rather than assume its existence? Not very pastoral.

If the past is prologue to the future, we predict that St. Peter’s which is a tiny parish with many orthodox faithful, will see some unsettling changes in the months ahead: altar girls, Communion under both species, heterodox speakers, changes in the liturgy to reflect Fr. Tuck’s “style,” and an influx of dissenters. On the other hand, let us pray that the people of St. Peter’s impact Fr. Tuck more than he does them. We suggest a rosary crusade!

***Democrats and Their War on Women: How would you react to a political figure who insisted that a law protecting women from rapists was “senseless,” “extreme,” and “wrong?” You’d be outraged right? But that’s essentially how Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz labeled the Offenses Against Unborn Children Bill in Florida that protects women from men who force and trick them into abortions. Wasserman, a state Congresswoman, told Tallahassee radio station WSFU-FM, “Florida Republican lawmakers have wasted taxpayers time and money by passing these extreme bills that further limit women’s reproductive rights….It is senseless and it’s wrong,” Huh! It’s wrong to protect women from predatory men? Wasserman is so blinded by her love for abortion that men forcing and tricking women into them is a-okay with her. Whatever happened to that sacred cow “choice?”

Let’s examine several cases Schultz seems to think advance “women’s reproductive choice.” 1) Remee Lee became an advocate for the Florida bill after her boyfriend, John Welden told her she needed amoxicillin for an infection and gave her a bottle of pills that actually contained cytotec, a strong abortion drug. Welden, got the drug by forging his OB/GYN father’s name to the prescription. After one dose, grief-stricken Lee lost their 6 ½ week old baby. 2) In a horrific case in London in 2013, cabdriver Ahmed Raofi, an adulterer, hatched a plan to kill his unborn baby when his lover refused to abort. He lured her to his apartment, bound her, taped her mouth to prevent her screams being heard, then inserted four cytotec pills, ordered off the internet, into her vagina. A few hours later she gave birth to their 19-week-old baby who lived about ten minutes. 3) Last March, a Brooklyn man, Shervaughn Remy, inserted two cytotec tablets into his girlfriend’s vagina during sex without her knowledge. She later lost their 14-week-old baby. Doctors at a local hospital found the pills during examination.

And Schultz calls a bill that punishes these vicious sexual predators “limiting women’s reproductive rights!” Her position protects and enables men who are essentially rapists! Abortion is never about “choice” or empowering women. Killing children is a sacrament to these satanic Democrats. And if the killing involves a little force…[a variation of rape]…well…ho-hum. A woman who is too stupid to know what’s good for her, needs an intelligent man to make sensible decisions for her. Right?

And with the Democrats pushing over-the-counter sale of strong abortion drugs…well…look for more forced abortions. Women are just sex toys to Democrats. Remember Bill Clinton?

***Dems’ War on Conservative Women
Have you noticed how the Democrats can’t abide strong political women from the other party. They recast Republican women in their own image, i.e., obsessed with sex. Take a look at their attack on Virginia candidate for 10th Congressional District, Barbara Comstock. Comstock was a congressional staffer investigating lawbreaking during Clinton’s presidency. Paul Begala, a Clinton lacky recently described her work as, “really almost sick, sort of stalker-like obsession with President Clinton.” [Uh…is that a joke? Stalking Clinton? No doubt serial groper and rapist Bill would happily stalk the attractive candidate and back her up to a wall.]

Then there’s the attack on pediatric neurosurgeon, Monica Wehby, an Oregon Republican Senate candidate. In 2013, her boyfriend filed a police report calling her a “stalker.” She was never charged and he since regrets it; they remain friends and he backs her candidacy. But the Democrats picked up on the report and even Wehby’s pro-abortion and pro-same sex marriage positions can’t spare her from the Democrats’ crazy stalker slut insinuations.

Utah’s Mia Love faced a double whammy Dem attack in 2012 because, not only is she a pro-life conservative woman, but black. She threatens the Democrats’ meme that Republicans are the party of old white men. So they went into overdrive to deep-six the mayor of Saratoga Springs’ effort to become the first black Republican congresswoman in history! They hired a voter contact firm to convince 4th District Republicans to vote for a third-party libertarian candidate who garnered over 5,000 votes. Democrat Jim Matheson beat her by about 800 votes. Matheson is stepping down and Love is running again. Let’s hope the Dems dirty tricks fail this time around.

***The Major War on Women is Abortion The Democrats showed their true colors recently by introducing a mega abortion bill that would have gutted every state protection won in recent years including clinic regulations to save women from abortion chop-shops like Philadelphia butcher Kermit Gosnell’s. Gosnell recently received a life sentence without parole in a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty. But Democrats are willing to tolerate any number of docs like Gosnell to protect “reproductive rights.” The Women’s Health Protection Act attacked state laws that implement reasonable restrictions, i.e, requiring abortionists to have local hospital privileges, mandated waiting periods and ultrasounds, and structural and inspection requirements like those at other outpatient surgical centers. Fortunately, the bill failed, but if Democrats are one thing, it’s persistent. They’ll be back working for the same rules that governed back alley abortions – none! They love to wave the bloody coat hanger for effect but, as Debbie Wasserman Schultz illustrated so graphically, male violence against women to force abortions is a Democrat’s manly virtue.

***Then There Are the Nuns from NCAN (National Coalition of American Nuns) waging a major war against the Church. They endorsed the Dems’ recent attempt to nullify the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby (HL) decision. Despite the fact that HL health plans covered 16 of the 20 mandated services in Obamacare, the Dems want to force everyone on the planet to promote and pay for abortions. The Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act (S. 2578) was introduced in the Senate in July with a Who’s Who of sponsors from the radical pro-abort left. NCAN joined Planned Parented, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), and the usual lineup of Dem extremists to demand that all Americans pay to kill babies. Remember the “private” choice between a woman and her doctor? Remember the “keep out of my bedroom” mantra? No more! Now it’s Bow to Beelzebub and pass the Plan B. Democrats really ARE the evil party! As for NCAN, they’ve no doubt automatically excommunicated themselves already, but an interdict is certainly in order!

***While We’re Talking About Nuns, what’s the status of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)? During an interview with historian Lucetta Scaraffia for the monthly women’s insert to L’Osservatore Romano, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressed the reform of LCWR. Despite negotiations urging the LCWR to return to fidelity, they appear committed to confrontation with the Vatican. It’s a dead end strategy. “Congregations have no more vocations and risk dying out,” the Cardinal told Scaraffia, “We have first of all tried to reduce hostility and tensions, partly thanks to Bishop Sartain whom we sent to negotiate with them; he is a very gentle man. We wish to stress that we are not misogynists, we are not women gobblers! Of course we have a different concept of religious life but we hope to help them rediscover their identity.” The Cardinal also pointed out that LCWR does not represent all the nuns in the United States, but has only about 1500 members. Among those, however, are many leaders of congregations who claim to represent their orders. That claim is disputed as the cardinal pointed out saying, “We have received many distressed letters from other nuns belonging to the same congregations, who are suffering a great deal because of the direction in which the LCWR is steering their mission.” Can CDF rein in the dissenters? It seems unlikely given their most recent conference in Nashville where they presented the Outstanding Leadership Award to Sr. Elizabeth Johnson a well known dissenter. Last April, Cardinal Müller called her selection a “rather open provocation against the Holy See and the doctrinal assessment…(and) further alienates the LCWR from the bishops as well.” Johnson’s speech at the August conference didn’t help. It was an in-your-face challenge to the bishops. She claimed LCWR is a victim of “institutionalized negativity.” In contrast, writer Ann Carey, author of Sisters in Crisis described CDF’s oversight of LCWR an act of “institutionalized integrity.” Will LCWR listen? It seems unlikely.

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