Les Femmes

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2. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection is coming up in November. Boycott it! Nothing has changed. Over half the grants in 2013-14 went to Alinskyian community organizing groups. When the bishops (USCCB) advertise CCHD, they always point to human development projects, but only a fraction of grants go to those legitimate activities. Most go to groups fomenting “social change” much of which directly opposes Catholic teaching. Not only that, but promotional materials are deceptive. See Stephanie Block’s article CCHD Should Practice ‘Truth in Advertising’ at SperoForum.com.

3. The recent Extraordinary Synod on the Family revealed the crisis in the Church and the serious division among the bishops that the Blessed Mother described at Akita. Pray every day for next year’s Ordinary Synod and do all you can to strengthen the faith of your own family. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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