Les Femmes

Dear Editor:
Congratulations on your article, "Of Sterile Sex and Missed Opportunities" in your latest issue. Our beloved bishops have missed so many opportunities to teach what Pope Benedict called the "unpopular truths" of the faith that it is not surprising to hear Cardinal Dolan brag that he has scarcely taught them at all since he was ordained a priest.

By the way, your article on Father Tuck was fascinating. We have heard many complaints from over the mountain about that appointment, because several of our friends moved to Rappahannock County to enjoy a peaceful retirement with more opportunities than ever to serve the poor and the sick – only to be confronted by this fellow who is doing his best, apparently, to erode what his predecessors built up.

When traveling the country, our family often thanks God for the wonderful priests in our diocese who are undeterred by episcopal clericalism and careerism at the top. At one dissident and illicit Mass on the road after another, we renew our gratitude for our good priests and their respect for the liturgy. What a sad prospect to know that now folks in Rappahannock have to drive 20 miles to find a reverent Mass. If only Father Tuck knew how much he was contributing to global warming by making them burn all that gasoline.

C.M. Front Royal, VA

Dear Editor:
Your newsletters are always “right on”!

B.T. Clifton, VA

Dear Editor:
First of all, thank you for the newsletter. I do appreciate your time and effort to let us know what’s going on “out there.”

One thing in the summer 2014 letter I am not too sure of. Barbara Comstock’s first mailout for her campaign stated she supported birth control pills without a physician’s prescription. Unfortunately, I did not save it. She would not, or did not answer questions from the national Pro-Life Aliance and a search on the internet turned up some questionable donors.

My congressman Frank Wolfe was not completely pro-life. His exclusion for rape, incest, and life of the mother did not save one child from the abortionist according to the American Life League. While his voting record was better than some, Planned Parenthood did not like him, what really did we achieve?

Now what is a Catholic to do? My husband and I feel like not voting since we really do not have any choices.

May God bless you for supporting the Church and exposing truth.

P.P. Winchester, VA

Editor: You are absolutely right about Barbara Comstock, a seriously flawed candidate from both a Catholic and pro-life perspective. State Delegate Bob Marshall made that crystal clear in his primary run against her and she illustrated it big-time when she came out in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion near the end of the campaign. She’s a finger-in-the-wind politician whose politics trump her faith. See: http://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com/2014/02/is-barbara-comstock-just-one-more.html.

Voting these days is a challenge with few real choices. Some Catholics disqualify pro-abortion candidates altogether unless one candidate is likely to do less harm than the other. If both candidates are equally bad, voters can write-in. Some call that a wasted vote. Others say if you are on a bus going the wrong way, it doesn’t matter whether you are going fast or slow, you’ll never get to your destination. Voting is a civic duty, but we all need to prayerfully consider how to exercise it wisely. In the end, however, politics is not the answer; conversion is.

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