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***Wake up! The “Religion of Peace” Is Deadly!
Incredibly, many Americans have swallowed the camel-sized propaganda about peaceful Islam. Listening to the lulling mantra spouted by politicians about the “religion of peace,” they have even allowed establishment of Sharia law in our midst. A few facts about Islam. First, it’s not primarily a religion, but a social and political system that seeks submission of the entire world to its philosophy. (The Crusades happened to prevent that!)

When Muslims settle in a country and reach a significant percentage of the population in an area they seek to replace the laws of that country with Sharia Law. Many European countries are seeing “Sharia Law Zones” including the U.K., France, Denmark, Austria, Spain, and Germany. In the U.K. Muslims claim this authority from a law that allows other forms of arbitration outside U.K. courts. Why does that matter and what will it mean? The elimination of civil rights – especially for women. Under Sharia, a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man. A woman can be flogged for not wearing a headdress or stoned to death for adultery. Sharia courts in primarily Muslim countries sometimes execute “apostates” from Islam. Even when punishments are less extreme, courts can deny the right of converts to other faiths to marry and inherit. Sharia allows certain forms of child molestation and child brides are not uncommon. Sisters, wives, and daughters can be killed by their male relatives for certain crimes. What ISIS is doing in Iraq is, by no means outlawed by Sharia, which explains the silence of even moderate Muslims to the atrocity. The most extreme punishments under Sharia are not (yet) common outside majority Muslim countries, but if Islam becomes the predominant religion, and it is growing rapidly, watch out!

The peaceful verses of the Koran are often quoted by those proselytizing for Islam, but Muslims believe those verses were abrogated by later verses which call for Muslims to slay unbelievers. The call to jihad means Muslims should fight against the infidel. Today that involves several different approaches. 1) migrating to infidel lands to spread the faith there; 2) oral jihad – speaking privately and publicly against detractors of Islam; 3) written jihad – publishing books and articles, maintaining blogs and websites defending Islam; 4) construction – building mosques and schools especially in non-Muslim countries; 5) financially supporting jihad – starting banks, and other financial institutions, taxing infidels in Muslim countries, supporting families of those waging jihad including the families of “martyrs” who have committed suicide attacks like 9/11; 6) intelligence jihad – gathering data on missionaries and groups working in Muslim countries to plan countermeasures to frustrate their efforts. [This description of jihad and the following quote come from Inside Islam: a Guide for Catholics by Daniel Ali and Robert Spencer.]

“When the Muslim declares that Islam is a religion of peace, he is either ignorant of the Koran or is extending this ‘peace’ only to those within the Muslim community, without telling you that is the way he means it. According to the Koran, ‘Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, but ruthless to unbelievers.’ (Sura 48:29). Muslims are to greet and treat other fellow Muslims in a manner promoting peace within the Umma, or worldwide Muslim Brotherhood. In Islam, there exists no true concept of peace between the nonbeliever and the devout Muslim. Peace can only exist for those who follow Islam.”

Of course Christians are called to treat our Muslim brothers and sisters with charity, but it is foolish and irresponsible not to realize with what we are dealing. The ISIS beheadings are perfectly consistent with the religion and political system of Islam.

***A Ouija Board by Any Other Name is Still Evil
A new “game” has gone viral on social media and it’s targeting youngsters. Called Charlie Charlie Challenge, it can be “played” without buying anything. All it takes is a piece of paper and two pencils to make what is essentially a minimalist Ouija board. After drawing perpendicular lines on the paper, the player writes yes in two opposite corners and no in the other two. Then he arranges the pencils over the center in a cross over the center with one on top of the other. The players then call on Charlie Charlie to come and answer questions. If Charlie is present the top pencil moves to point to yes or no. Some YouTube users have used a straw to blow the pencils to make them move and prove the game is a hoax, but others claim the pencils move by themselves and report strange noises, furniture moving, etc., not surprising. The demonic is real and no game! Just as the Ouija board was the entry tool in the real case of demonic possession on which the film, The Exorcist, was based, Charlie Charlie is likely to stir demonic activity and open “players” to obsession and possession. If one is trying to make contact with Satan, the demon will not disappoint. He roams the world like a prowling lion and those who play with magic or spiritism offer themselves up as his prey. Parents need to be vigilant in spotting their children’s dabbling in the occult. Watch out for this “game” and nip it in the bud lest you find Satan crossing your threshold.

***Is CRS (Catholic Relief Services) Catholic?
Short answer? Nope. CRS is hopelessly corrupt. They promote contraceptives and abortion in the Third World, covering up their involvement by keeping their logo off the bad instructional materials they help develop. They cooperate with a number of evil organizations as a dues-paying member in coalitions with groups that provide abortion, contraception, and sterilization. The Lepanto Institute has exposed CRS malfeasance. Just a few examples: Dr. Sok Pun was CRS’ representative to MEDICAM’s steering committee in 2011 developing policy to promote abortion in Cambodia. In Kenya in 2011, CRS promoted an MTV video series called Shuga that encourages condom use and promiscuity. While CRS said they opposed Shuga after learning its content, they still considered its use in 2012 after being fully informed. In 2013 American Life League exposed CRS giving $64 million in grants to pro-abortion, pro-contraceptive groups. Recently, Lepanto revealed that CRS Vice President, Rick Estridge, “married” his same-sex lover in Maryland in 2013. He publicly supports moral depravity on social media. He since resigned and CRS circled the wagons praising Estridge and lashing out at “these types of attacks and the tactics of the groups which launch them. This highly personal, public critique…used derogatory terms that are now part of the online record. This has caused great pain for many people. As a Catholic agency, CRS is committed to treating all people with the respect and compassion they deserve as children of God.” Not quite true. CRS’ selective outrage ignored Estridge’s very public attacks on those opposing same-sex marriage including a comment that a state representative should be sent to GITMO, the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, because she defended what happens to be Church teaching. But Estridge’s “attacks” and “tactics” are fine with CRS. Stay tuned for the next CRS scandal.

***First Century Romans Were Right After All… according to many German bishops that is. Lust, sodomy, cohabitation, easy divorce and remarriage are all to be honored. In their conference report released April 16th the German bishops summarized the survey results of the laity for the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family next October. They report that most laity, who still recognize the model of marriage with one man and one woman in a lifelong bond, nonetheless “expect a further development of the church’s teaching and a greater openness toward the current life reality.” In other words, since people are sinning anyway, the Church should approve it. And many German bishops agree as reflected in their statement last year that, whatever the Vatican does, they may go ahead and approve Communion for divorced and invalidly remarried Catholic couples anyway. So there! A number of German bishops also met in late May in Rome with bishops from France and Switzerland, theologians, and sympathetic reporters in a by-invitation- only “study day” to discuss the survey and issues for the upcoming Synod. The secret meeting, reportedly masterminded by the German bishops headed by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, included about fifty participants. Among them were some well-known dissenters. Bishop Markus Büchel of St. Gallen, head of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, favors ordination of women. Archbishop Georges Pontier, head of the French Bishops’ Conference is a member of the Grand Orient of France, the largest Masonic lodge in the country and the oldest in Europe. [Doesn’t membership in the Masons incur automatic excommunication? It explicitly did in the 1917 Code of Canon Law. The 1983 code deleted the name Mason and now states that “One who joins an association which plots against the Church is to be punished with a just penalty.” But, hey, maybe princes of the Church are exempt like the U.S. Bishops exempted themselves from the Dallas Charter on child sex abuse.] Father Hans Langendörfer, general secretary for the German Bishops’ Conference, was instrumental in altering Church labor laws to allow practicing homosexuals and divorced and invalidly remarried couples to work in Church institutions. A prominent speaker, Fr. Eberhard Schockenhoff, could be described as the Charlie Curran of the German Church. He opposes Humanae Vitae and, like Curran, favors an anything goes sexual ethic. He also publicly endorses a moral theology, “liberated from the natural law.”

***What Happened at the Secret Meeting? Faithful Catholic journalist Edward Pentin published several articles exposing the agenda and participants at the secret meeting the purpose of which appears to be to steer the October Synod away from Church doctrine on marriage, or at least create a perception that “conscience” trumps doctrine. As a source told Pentin, “Imagine if the Church accepted homosexual relationships. Ultimately, that is what these people want.” And they are working hard to achieve it along with other heretical positions on love and marriage. They follow the same strategy used back in the 1960s to undermine sexual ethics and make Humanae Vitae irrelevant to couples, urging them to follow the law of man rather than the law of God. How many women are dead now because they swallowed Charlie Curran’s heresy along with powerful birth control drugs, class 1 carcinogens. The only ones who die following teachings of Holy Mother Church are martyrs, and their future is secure! [See more on the secret meeting at http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/]

***Transgenderism: the Next Frontier of Insanity
Bruce Jenner with his faux transformation into a woman is seen as a pioneer of the new frontier to “boldly go where no man has gone before.” Well, not quite, but no man of his stature has graced Vanity Fair as its boy cover “girl.” What’s going on here? Simple, with victory in the Irish referendum, gender activists feel they’ve conquered the gay “marriage” frontier and can move on to bigger and better things. In the U.S. we are only a Supreme Court decision away from what is euphemistically labeled “marriage equality” and the next will be “gender equality.” Already, two states, California and New Jersey, banned reparative therapy for minors. So parents, concerned about a child’s disordered sexual identity, have no recourse in those states even though research shows that youngsters’ disordered sexual feelings during the early years are often fleeting and disappear. But the gay agenda has nothing to do with reality. Its purpose is to promote homosexuality among the young and acceptance in the population at large. Gays want to ban treatment of minors in all fifty states. Bills are already being introduced in several state legislatures and President Obama publicly supports a national ban. The gender benders claim that reparative therapy is dangerous and gays can’t change even if they want to, a proposition that is patently false since there are many ex-gays who publicly repudiate their former lifestyles. Some are married and have children. The homosexual lobby also condemns COURAGE, a group that simply provides support for those with same-sex attraction who want to live a chaste lifestyle. Gay activists brook no opposition and slam all who disagree with them including those who have willingly escaped the lifestyle. No choice for them, just vilification. In fact, the gay community probably hates them most of all because their conversion confronts the lie that homosexuals are born that way, can’t change, and deserve special rights. Pray for all those same-sex attracted souls struggling to live holy and chaste lives. They have a difficult cross to carry.

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