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Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:
Your newsletter is very informative. Your topics relative to the church are spot-on, and the only periodical we look forward to more than yours is the New Oxford Review. These certainly are exciting times to be living the Catholic faith….I did take exception to your rant on Muslims. I have not “swallowed the camel-sized propaganda about peaceful Islam”, nor have I swallowed the elephant-sized propaganda about the best ally money can buy: Zionist Israel. Any group of people who use religion for their political agenda are very suspect. I think it’s shameful to see our Congress falling over themselves to appease Bi Bi’s every request. This ally, who attacked the U.S. Liberty killing thirty-some U.S. sailors and our country did nothing, can do no wrong.

The line that jumped off the page and choked me was, “’martyrs’ who have committed suicide attacks like 9/11”. Really! I do not believe any of the official version of what supposedly occurred on 9/11….I believe we are being played, and the Lord will judge our unwillingness to question. You do a great job on the mess in our church.”

M.H. Emmitsburg, MD

Editor: Thanks for the encouragement and the donation.

Dear Editor:
God bless you in your work. Thanks for getting the truth out.

M.J.W. Silver Spring, MD

Dear Editor:
I was out to lunch sitting at a very nice local restaurant. I ordered a salmon salad entrée. At one point I reached across the table to take a sample of my husband's meal when I got a very vivid picture in my mind of Planned Parenthood's (Dr) Nucatola sitting in a restaurant reaching across the table to spear a forkfull ofsalad and talking about dissecting babies. My stomach did a couple of flip flops. I may never be able to eat salad again.

What a mess we have gotten into in this country, Planned Parenthood seeks the death of preborn babies and then, for those who survive abortion along comes Compassion and Choices when these abortion survivors are in their senior years or ill, PP's counterpart, to make money off of killing the senior citizens. In the meantime, everybody is making a buck off of young people, servicing their sexual, educational and financial needs in-between.

This weekend will be the scene of multiple protest rallies at abortion clinics. May God hear and see our efforts to help his precious preborn and bring about a victory of the evil ones of perdition.

C.G. via email

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