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***Ah the Synod, A Sigh of Relief and Sorrow
Anthony Esolen in an article from Inside the Vatican says the “best” that can be said of the recent Synod on the family is that it “teaches no new doctrine. It does not turn the words of our Lord Christ inside out. It affirms the indissolubility of marriage. It spreads no vanilla icing for sodomy. It affirms the rights of children to grow up with their mother and father.” Who do we have to thank for that? Not the bishops! “Fall to your knees in gratitude to God.” And then lament. Esolen calls the final relatio an “embarrassing document,” one that says the bishops wish to “walk with” people. But who? The “shacking up” (both homo and hetero), those making choices that “destroy the family and the welfare and innocence of children,” etc.

Then Esolen lists those people “bleeding and weeping, with whom those bishops who seized the syndod’s agenda from the outset have not the slightest intention of walking.” Who are they? The single young woman who wants to find a life mate while retaining her chastity in a world where hooking up is the norm – no sympathy for you! The young man rotting his soul in the cesspool of rampant pornography – no help for you! The parents trying to raise their children to be faithful Catholics and preserve them from the filth in the schools, on TV, in pop music, on the magazine rack in the grocery store, etc. no support for you! The abandoned wife who doesn’t want a divorce or an annulment, but just wants her husband back -- a kick in the teeth and an expedited case in the “Quik Mart Marriage Court” for you!

And then Esolen sums up. “The authority of the family has been breached on all sides. The bishops have nothing to say…It stinks to heaven. The bishops say that it presents ‘challenges.’ The patient is unconscious and bleeding internally. That is not a ‘challenge.’ It is an emergency. Life and death hang in the balance.” And then Esolen calls on God’s help and on those who love the Church – “laymen and priests and, God bless us, even bishops – the time to work is now.” AMEN. Pray and defend the family.

***Palliative Care Home to Offer Death Drugs
Canada’s new end of life care bill effective December 10th allows all palliative care facilities to decide what they want to offer their residents. One of the 31 facilities, La Maison Aube-Lumiere in Sherbrooke already says they will offer “medically induced death,” i.e., assisted suicide. Remember when palliative care was being sold as the wonderful patient-centered treatment that would make assisted suicide unnecessary? No more! And Canada is late to the game. In Oregon since passage of the Death with Dignity Act in 1997, 93% of those requesting the deadly drugs are enrolled in hospice in-patient facilities or home programs. The shift in palliative care from protecting and preserving life to hastening death is becoming more and more blatant. Killing is easier than caring and a lot cheaper! Remember that the murders in the Third Reich began with the T-4 euthanasia program aimed at “useless eaters.” The Baby-Boomers are nearing 70 and there are lots of them. Many pushing end of life care use benign language about patient “choices” and “compassion,” but their orientation has shifted from patient care to cost containment. Death drugs are cheap.

***Canadians Medical Assoc. Tells Docs to Lie!
Sean Murphy has an article at Mercatornet’s End of Life blog about the Canadian Medical Association and their stealth euthanasia guidelines. Last September, he says, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was “seeking ‘clarity’” about whether doctors should morph lethal injection death into death by natural causes. “In fact, the Collège des médecins du Québec and pharmacy and nursing regulators in the province had already made the decision. In August, the three regulators issued a Practice Guide directing Quebec physicians to falsify death certificates in euthanasia cases.”The guide instructs the physician to “write as the immediate cause of death the disease or morbid condition which justified [the medical aid in dying] and caused the death. It is not a question of the manner of death (cardiac arrest), but of the disease, accident or complication that led to the death. The term medical aid in dying should not appear on this document.”

Quebec’s euthanasia law doesn’t require doctors to list euthanasia on the death certificate, so they can essentially write whatever they want to cover up what they’re doing. Let’s underline this – Doctors are being instructed to FALSIFY DEATH CERTIFICATES. Previously, the Coroner’s Act required all physicians to report deaths that did “not appear to be natural.” Medical determination of death was the standard, identifying death as by accident, natural causes, homicide, or suicide. No more. If docs kill their patients they can hide the fact behind the “underlying medical conditions.” Will anybody be surprised if Angel of Death killings become the norm in Quebec?

***Lies are a Strategy from the Abortion Wars!
When women died from LEGAL abortions, doctors often covered up their deaths by calling them “medical misadventures,” cardiac arrests, death by septicemia, etc. They wanted to avoid at all costs filling out a death certificate with “complications from induced abortion.” Serial killers will do anything to avoid exposure!

***And You Thought It Was a Matter of Choice?
It is, but not for you. More and more jurisdictions are letting doctors and hospital ethics committees overrule the desires of patients. Texas, for example, (Isn’t Texas supposed to be a bastion of individual liberty?) let’s a doctor who doesn’t agree with a patient’s advance directive asking for life-saving treatment appeal to the hospital’s ethics panel. Behind closed doors the panel decides what treatment the patient may have. If they decide what the patient wants is too expensive or “futile,” the family has ten days to find alternative care before they pull the plug. That’s literally a death sentence since other hospitals won’t accept expensive patients, particularly those without health care or on government programs. Texas law is not an aberration. Futile care protocols are advancing across the globe. Canada wants their Supreme Court to give doctors the right to make all medical decision despite what patients and families want. Get used to it. Medical care in the U.S. is being “transformed” and the Grim Reaper is running the show. It’s all about the money, not the good of the patient.

***NASA Fakes Global Warming Data Says Prof
Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert is a retired geologist and data computation expert. He disputes the popular theory of anthropogenic climate change, saying, “The facts are: Ever since the Little Ice Age, we have been warming up again. We don’t have global climate change; what we have are normal temperature fluctuations. We have had parallel cooling and warming episodes. No CO2 influence can be detected. Since 2000, we have been cooling off again. And, data have been manipulated in order to fake a warming trend: Climategate. The IPCC’s scenarios are failures. And in conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, this analysis can be verified—any one of you can do it!” See his article, The Fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change at http://cecaust.com.au/pubs/pdfs/ewet_gw.pdf.

***Why does the Global Warming Fraud Matter?
Because climate change is the engine behind “sustainable development” language which is codespeak for population control. Many climate change “experts” say the world population is currently two to three times larger than “sustainable levels.” Some approve of China’s forced abortion policies as a way to curb population. Hillary Clinton wants world-wide abortion as “family planning.” The most extreme among the global warming elite talk about a “sustainable world” of less than a billion. They never say how they plan to get rid of the other six billion currently on the planet.

*** A New Low for T.V. with Scandal and Lucifer
ABC’s show Scandal ran an episode that was an hour-long ad for Planned Parenthood and the abortion giant gave thanks. LifeSiteNews reported on the episode writing:

According to The Hill, the show was a direct response to pro-lifers’ efforts to defund the abortion giant, after a series of undercover videos showed top Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts and admitting to changing the abortion procedure to better harvest the parts.

“’In the show that aired Thursday night, Republican Sen. Mellie Grant, played by Bellamy Young, successfully filibusters a bill that would defund Planned Parenthood,’ according to The Hill. Later in the episode, Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is shown aborting her unborn baby at Planned Parenthood as the song “Silent Night” plays in the background.

“The episode was a sickening hour-long ‘advertisement for Planned Parenthood,’ Alexa Moutevelis wrote for Newsbusters. ‘Between the execution of a man that opens the graphic clip below, the talk of “soft tissue,” saying family destroys you, watching a doctor take his instruments between Olivia’s legs, and the hint of a smile on her lips at the end, it is a truly vile scene, stomach churning scene,” Moutevelis wrote.’”

If this isn’t bad enough FOX will be airing a new show in 2016 called Lucifer featuring, yes, the devil, who out of boredom resigns his throne in hell and moves to L.A. (the closest place to hell?). Lucifer is portrayed as a good guy, owner of an upscale nightclub called “Lux.” The series trailer shows a handsome, appealing character who “draws out people’s hidden desires.” It shows graphic violence and sexual themes and according to the AFA (American Family Association) it mocks the Bible. It seems like glorifying the devil is de rigueur these days. Right before the massacre in the Paris theater began, the band, Eagles of Death Metal, started playing Kiss the Devil with lyrics that included “Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?...I will love the devil…will kiss the devil. I will kiss the devil on his tongue.” Seems the devil took that as an invitation to the party and sent his demons to play percussion.

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